There Is No Simplifying IT: We Know Your Job Is Hard


September 16, 2016

In the technology industry, we often take for granted how complex our field actually is. We’re so used to the concepts, acronyms, and lingo that it is easy to forget that the average professional doesn’t have the same depth of knowledge. Whether you work in the field or another business unit, technology is complex. For example, just try to explain the difference between software defined networking and network virtualization to someone outside the IT department.

Yet, despite all the complexity, marketing language surrounding new technology solutions for the past twenty years has focused on the “simplicity” of the solution. Simple to use. Simplifies your network. Simplify IT. It’s a never-ending trend in IT, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


Mindsight’s Different Approach

With Mindsight, we won’t tell you that your job is simple. It’s not. We don’t trivialize the challenges of running a modern IT environment, and we won’t claim that some technology solution is going to magically make all your problems disappear. They won’t. Any new technology solution brings along its own set of new considerations and requirements.

Instead of offering simplicity, we would rather break that term up into its component parts. We can’t simplify IT, but we can make your environment more efficient. We can improve the performance of your applications. We can provide new capabilities, but these enhancements hinge on your in-depth understanding of the complexity of your IT environment.


Thoughtful Candor

The distinction we are trying to draw between simplifying IT and true technology infrastructure consulting may sound like semantics, but it makes a difference in our client relationships. From beginning to end, we aren’t trying to simplify your job, day, or environment. We are trying to help you reach your goals, and that mindset will more often than not yield a superior solution.

Mindsight is committed as infrastructure consultants to our policy of thoughtful candor. We don’t want to provide you with pre-packaged, over-inflated applications and hardware. We want to create and deliver thoroughly-vetted perspectives and personally-tailored solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all technology, so every one of our projects begin with a holistic conversation about your business. Once we understand the inner workings of your environment and how it interacts with the rest of the company, we can then make the strategic recommendations to help you reach those goals.

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About Mindsight

Mindsight, a Chicago IT consultancy and services provider, is an extension of your team. Our culture is built on transparency and trust, and our team is made up of extraordinary people – the kinds of people you would hire. We’ve always prided ourselves in delivering the full spectrum of IT services and solutions, from design and implementation to support and management. Our highly-certified engineers and process-oriented excellence have certainly been key to our success. But what really sets us apart is our straightforward and honest approach to every conversation, whether it is for a local business or global enterprise. Our customers rely on our thought leadership, responsiveness, and dedication to solving their toughest technology challenges.


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