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January 24, 2017

The first day of any new job is a difficult one. There’s often little to do, little direction, a lot of uncertainty. The company research the new employee did for the interview process has probably given him/her a little insight into the kind of business the company runs in theory, but that’s not the same as understanding how the company functions in practice.

At Mindsight, we do everything we can to help our new hires hit the ground running. Through our onboarding process, our new employees are equipped with the knowledge and perspective to understand where their role fits in the larger direction and strategy of the company.


The Mindsight Onboarding Process



The first thing our onboarding process provides is structure to the first week on the job. Instead of the ambiguity and slow-start to a new position that seems to be typical of many companies, our onboarding process ensures that the time during the first week is used wisely. New employees receive a schedule indicating precisely what meetings and tasks he/she should focus on throughout the day. Of course, this schedule includes time for lunch, paperwork, and moments of personal time.


Technical vs. Non-Technical Employees:

Every industry has their jargon, quirks, and details, but few are as nebulous as the technology industry. Not all of our employees join us from other technology companies or technical fields. Marketing, accounting, HR, and other non-technical positions could employ those with a diverse range of backgrounds. Therefore, it is our responsibility to get them up to speed from a tech industry standpoint. A combination of training videos and weekly sessions go a long way towards introducing general technical concepts and helping them understand the inherent complexity in the products and services we provide to our clients.


A Series of Introductions:

In any company, it’s important to understand how each department interacts with and benefits from the efforts of other departments. At Mindsight, we accomplish this by introducing each of our new hires to our management staff. Through short one-on-one meetings, new hires have the opportunity to introduce themselves while also learn about how a particular department operates.


Culture, Industry Info, and Miscellaneous Information

At various points during the week, the new hire also meets individuals throughout the company who have volunteered to present our Mindsight 101 – 104 series. These 30 minute presentations discuss more general topics within the industry and Mindsight. The new hire is introduced to our distribution model, various acronyms, long-term goals, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and more. These presentations help to round out the new employee’s knowledge of Mindsight’s place in the industry and our commitment to bettering our community.


“I found the onboarding process to be well-thought out and well prepared. I received the maximum exposure to the various groups and things that Mindsight does as fast as possible. All in all, it was fast and efficient with a decent balance of meetings and personal time for reflection.”

— Jason W.
VP of Solutions Architecture


A  Good First Impression


In any new relationship, business relationships included, creating a good first impression is important. An essential part of that process is making sure they understand who we are at Mindsight. After our week-long onboarding process, every new hire has met the entire management staff of the company, understands how different departments work together, and understand a thing or two about technology. These new hires are soon ready to contribute in meaningful ways and help the company achieve its vision.

We’re always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Browse and apply to any open positions on our careers page.

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