Mindsight Brand Recap: A Year Later


September 8, 2017

One year ago, Tympani Inc., rebranded as Mindsight, and we began our transition from a value-added reseller (VAR) to a technology consultancy firm. We made this decision for a variety of reasons, and we knew that this transition could not occur overnight. Now a year later, it’s time for a recap and a check-in to see how far we’ve come.


From Tympani to Mindsight


The overall goal of the technology industry is to make the lives of their customers easier. New applications, new hardware, and new solutions are rolled out every day to enable businesses to do more in the less time. Yet, despite the regular claim that IT is becoming simpler, navigating the IT industry is becoming more complex. For every solution, there are a dozen others with overlapping functionality and marketing language that renders these solutions indistinguishable from each other. In that environment, our clients do not need another VAR. They need an experienced and reliable consultant who can help them sift through the noise of the industry.

The statement we made in our initial announcement still rings true. “Our customers have asked for a straightforward, transparent partner to cut through the pretense and deliver candid communication.” That partner is Mindsight, and that approach has been our style from the beginning. With the rebrand, we are seizing the opportunity to take that next step into a full consultancy firm.


Mindsight’s 1st Year


Around the time of our rebrand, we announced a few goal for our first year. We wanted to develop new roadmap planning services to help our clients address their most pressing problems. These roadmaps would stand as our core consulting services and provide our clients with a clear avenue to have their questions answered.

To fulfill this goal, we have completely restructured our technology roadmapping services. Clients can now access the following services from Mindsight:


  • Path to the Cloud Analysis: Migrating to the cloud can be a risky and complicated endeavor. The Path to the Cloud Analysis will ensure that your business has a fully developed cloud strategy and a plan of attack to migrate data.


  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap: Despite the popularity of the cloud, many businesses will be relying on their data center for years to come. When a particular area of the data center fails to perform as expected, the consequences can ripple throughout the rest of the company. The Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap is designed to analyze and optimize a particular portion of your data center.


  • Collaboration Roadmap: Collaboration today has become much more complex than in years past. In addition to email and voice systems, many businesses depend on video, teleconference, chat, project management tools, and more to maintain efficiency among their teams. The Collaboration Roadmap will analyze your current collaboration strategy and identify opportunities to create a more collaborative atmosphere.


  • Contact Center Roadmap: The Contact Center Roadmap will look at all aspects of your contact center. From the technology in the data center to the business processes to find ways to improve your customer experience. In the age of the customer, a superior customer experience is one of the few ways to distinguish yourself in the market. Mindsight will ensure your contact center stands out.


Looking Forward to Year Two


There will never be a definitive moment where we can officially declare ourselves consultants. In truth, it is a mindset as much as anything else. Our goal in every client interaction is to provide value and leverage our insight to solve pressing technology issues. New roadmapping services or not, we still align your goals with ours to create a transparent, candid, and mutually beneficial relationship.

When you need a different point of view, you can count on Mindsight. If you are in need of consultative services, contact Mindsight today for a free consultation.

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About Mindsight

Mindsight, a Chicago IT consultancy and services provider, is an extension of your team. Our culture is built on transparency and trust, and our team is made up of extraordinary people – the kinds of people you would hire. We’ve always prided ourselves in delivering the full spectrum of IT services and solutions, from design and implementation to support and management. Our highly-certified engineers and process-oriented excellence have certainly been key to our success. But what really sets us apart is our straightforward and honest approach to every conversation, whether it is for a local business or global enterprise. Our customers rely on our thought leadership, responsiveness, and dedication to solving their toughest technology challenges.


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