Mindsight to Speak at 2018 IADP/IPRA Soaring to New Heights Conference


January 12, 2018

Mindsight CTO and VP of Consulting Services, Jason Wankovsky, will be presenting on security as a service solutions at the 2018 IADP/IPRA Soaring to New Heights Conference at the Hilton Chicago. The Soaring to New Heights Conference is the state’s park and recreation conference with over 4,200 professionals and elected officials in attendance. The conference will take place over three days, January 18 – 21, and feature over 300 exhibitions. Exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge products and services to improve parks and recreation facilities around the state for the coming year.

Mindsight is honored to be part of this prestigious expo.


About the Speaker

Jason Wankovsky brings with him 20 years of experience in IT management and executive leadership. Throughout his career, he has had a focus on the creation, sale, and delivery of managed services; private, public, and hybrid cloud; virtualization and backup and disaster recovery. He has worked as an internal IT manager in a 2600 user company as well as an external consultant for mid-sized and enterprise clients alike.

This January, Jason will bring his deep understanding of technology, security, and the cloud to the IADP/IPRA Soaring to New Heights Conference.

Meet Mindsight’s CTO and VP of Consulting Services, Jason Wankovsky


Security as a Service

Traditional security strategies are built to protect traditional IT environments. Once cloud enters the picture, the dynamics begin to change. Security as a service is a superior choice for a hybrid or cloud environment, because it is built in the cloud and for the cloud. At the same time, security as a service strikes the perfect balance between risk, cost, and speed.

No security strategy is full proof. Even the cutting edge solutions and strategies are vulnerable to attack. Therefore, security is about reducing risk rather than creating a full-proof system.

When creating a security strategy, there is really no limit to the amount of money you can spend on security. You could staff a hundred person threat response and security team and outfit them with the most advanced tools and systems available, but that bears an unrealistic cost. As a result, your risk level is balanced against the recurring cost of the solution.

The cloud provides unrivaled speed and agility to a business, but traditional security strategies often stand in the way of that agility. In an effort to lower risk, businesses are undermining the reasons they chose a cloud deployment in the first place.

These three pillars of your security strategy must all remain in balance in order for the strategy to be effective. If the cost is low, speed is high, but the risk is too great, the next security breach could cost the business in more ways than one. The same is true for each of these factors.


Check Back after the Conference

After the conference, check back to this blog post. We’ll post pictures, a session summary, and more to fill you in on this great event.


Download our Ebook on Security as a Service

Download Mindsight’s ebook to learn more about how a security as a service strategy keeps an environment’s risk, cost, and speed in balance. From capex and opex deployments to avoiding network bottlenecks, and more, this ebook will provide an essential overview of the concepts and benefits of security as a service.

Download Security in the Cloud: Protecting Your Environment Beyond the Edge today.

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