FAQs: Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud


April 18, 2018

A decade ago, companies declared they were moving everything to the cloud to take advantage of improved performance, higher productivity, increased flexibility and scalability, and lower costs. And so began the migrations of both core and non-core applications and platforms. The contact center, however, stood at the sidelines, observing, debating whether the platform responsible for the customer experience should ever reside in the cloud. After all, it was the contact center that had much visibility at the C-level and significant implications on revenue, customer loyalty, and the company brand.  

A lot has changed in the last 10 years. Increasingly, companies are trading their on-premise contact center platforms for cloud solutions. Providers have spent the last decade addressing concerns around security and cost, and dramatically improving analytics, governance and performance. So why wouldn’t you consider a cloud-based contact center solution?  


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There is No Denying the Benefits


  • Cloud-based contact centers increase productivity. Cloud contact centers typically reduce the number of applications needed to support operations. Cloud based solutions also come with better integration capabilities using modern APIs, which lead to greater agent and manager productivity, better customer service and a better customer experience.


  • contact center to the cloudCloud-based contact centers improve performance: Because of improved data integration, operational and business KPIs can be defined, measured and reported from multiple systems real-time using operational dashboards. This visibility and control helps optimize business performance across sites, channels, agents and partners.



  • Cloud-based call centers minimize CapEx and control OpEx: Most cloud solutions have a monthly fee and no maintenance or licensing costs. You can scale up or down without the need for new hardware or software. This is particularly beneficial for call centers with seasonal peaks.


  • Managing multi-site call centers is easier from the cloud: Centralized control and management improves performance, as rules and scripts can be changed on the fly.


  • contact center to the cloudPositive customer experiences are increased: Agents get a consistent and seamless experience across channels because customer information can be accessed from any channel. Having customer and interaction data available makes for better experiences, and a global view optimizes performance across sites and channels.



  • Cloud software improves reliability and agility: A cloud solution eliminates the worry about on premise equipment, system uptime and dependability. If a call center location goes down, a cloud location accepts and queues calls to other locations.


  • Cloud call centers are more scalable: You can remove and add assets as needed, including scaling agents as needed.


  • Cloud solutions include features for competitive advantage: The latest upgrades and features are continually made available, unlike with on premise platforms that require investment to access upgrades. Smaller and midsize companies have access to solutions that they otherwise would not be able to afford.


  • Disaster recovery is built in: Cloud based infrastructure delivers redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities that small and midsize companies could otherwise not afford.  

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