[Infographic] Landmarks in Mapping Your Customer Journey


October 5, 2017

A customer journey map charts the complete experience of the customer from their first interaction with a brand through a purchase and into a post-sale phase. It expands our view of customer service beyond the initial transaction to encompass the lifecycle of a . Though that may sound simple, it requires a detailed level of self-inspection. When drafting a customer journey map, you must step into the customer’s shoes and reflect upon the numerous variables that may affect an event as well as the emotional impact those variables can have.


Customer Journey Infographic and Important Landmarks


Every customer journey map will turn out differently, but they all follow a vaguely similar route. Every business has customers. Every business must entice these customers to purchase their product or service and provide support after the sale is complete. There is a buying cycle, there is a customer persona that encompasses the general audience, and there will be overlap in the channels these customers use to interact with the brand. Because of these similarities, we can identify landmarks in the customer journey mapping process.

To learn more about these landmarks, check out our customer journey infographic below. On your journey to mapping the customer journey, make sure you’re hitting these key points.



Customer Journey


Stepping into the Customer’s Shoes to Improve Your Journey Map


Just understanding your customer journey will not necessarily benefit your business. You must use this knowledge to improve your customer experience. Understanding that your customer journey creates anger, frustration, and hopelessness in your consumers doesn’t make you a better business, only self-aware of where you are weak.

After you have a draft of your customer journey map, take a moment to give it a mental test. Take your customer persona and assume the role. Then start your way through each entry points in your journey map. Here’s the important part. Along the way, assume things go wrong. Any company can provide good customer service to a happy customer. How does your company respond to errors or complications? Are there safety nets in place to restore the customer’s faith in your brand? Would you walk away pleased with your experience?


More than a Happy Customer


Remember, the goal of the customer experience isn’t necessarily to produce happy customers. It’s not even there to just produce repeat customers. The goal of customer service is to produce brand evangelicals. Consumers trust online reviews, and they trust their friends and family’s recommendations even more. The ultimate goal of mapping a customer journey is to consistently produce customers so pleased with their experience with your company that they tell their friends, their family, or they write an online review on the internet. By keeping your eye on the goal, you can set an important and high standard for the success of your journey map.


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