Digital Workspace Management Helps Ease Shadow IT And BYOD Burden


June 20, 2019 by Siobhan Climer and Jason Wankovsky

Information technology specialists today are tasked with managing applications (legacy, SaaS, mobile, etc.), securing devices, applying access controls, and other digital workspace management realities in an increasingly boundless, complex environment.

The growing complexity of managing this universe has led to increased incidences of so-called “Shadow IT”, where users find work-arounds for little inconveniences, bypassing IT and bringing increased risk to the organization.

Digital workspace management platforms seek to consolidate the management of the network into a single dashboard or application that provides visibility into the devices accessing the network, the applications – wherever they live – users access, and the actions the users take once inside the network.

These digital workspace management platforms reduce shadow IT events and enable more secure BYOD policies for the business.


Why Do You Need Digital Workspace Management Platforms In The First Place


As we wrote earlier this year, the infosec word of the year is visibility. By visibility we mean knowing the inner goings-on of your network. Mishaal Khan, Certified Ethical Hacker and Security Practitioner has this to say about the importance of visibility:

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Wise words, right? It’s a simple truth: without visibility you can’t prevent or respond to threats.

Digital workspace management platforms work on this same principal. By having visibility into how users, even highly-authorized users, are utilizing and maneuvering in your network, you are better able to manage the applications and controls needed to optimize and secure your environment.


A Simple Dashboard Offers Visibility


Visibility is only useful if it’s useable. That’s why a simple integrated dashboard that provides a unified interface, giving IT visibility and control over digital assets, is integral to the best digital workspace management platforms.

Here’s an example of such a dashboard from VMware Workspace ONE:


digital workspace management


Are you certain you have complete visibility into your network? A second set of expert eyes can help you spot possible gaps in your environment. Our expert engineers are happy to talk with you about your current configurations or provide assessments to give you insights.

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Digital Workspace Management Platforms And Security Controls


digital workspace managementUsers installing rogue applications or disabling a pesky virus scanner run great risk to the business. These insider threats run parallel to outside threats, such as ransomware or data breaches. Identifying and mitigating these threats is a central element of IT.

Digital workspace management platforms work using conditional compliance and dynamic controls that give users more control and flexibility, while at the same time ensuring IT has visibility into what users do. By embracing the real needs of users, digital workspace management platforms diminish the obstacles users face.

To do so, digital workspace management platforms provide one central application catalog users can use to find the solutions they need, without having to go through red tape. These catalogs require multi-factor authentication and conditional compliance controls that ensures IT has visibility into work-related apps and data.


A Tool For A New Workforce Operating In A New Workspace


Today, IT is faced with a growing number of devices – from personal smartphones and laptops to smart speakers and printers – and users are more comfortable installing applications and bypassing security controls.

Digital workspace management platforms provide a centralized, integrated took for IT professionals, ensuring the business continues to deliver on an optimized experience for their customers and their every day users.


Want to see digital workspace management platforms in action? Talk with our experts today.

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