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February 6, 2017

As technology consultants, we take on a serious responsibility. Our clients put their trust in our expertise and the recommendations we make for their environment, and as we know, technology today often underpins the entire business. Without efficient, powerful, and accessible applications and infrastructure, it is simply impossible for many businesses to stay competitive. For that reason, each consultation hinges on two key factors: the expertise of our team and our ability to provide exceptional customer service.

It sounds simple, but IT consulting is an exercise in customer service. We seek to understand our client’s needs and satisfy those needs in a manner most advantageous to our customer. Reviews is a B2B review website where clients can submit long-form critiques of their technology service providers. Reviewers are able to provide star ratings for quality, adherence to schedule, cost, and their willingness to refer the consultant to others. In addition to these star ratings, reviews typically also include a written outline of the project, scope of the investment, and feedback regarding the success or failure of the operation. Through these reviews, potential clients can gain a real sense of the kind of relationship the consultant creates during the life of a project.

At the time this blog was written, Mindsight has earned a 4.9/5 star rating. Below, we’ve included brief synopses of some of our client responses as well as links to the full reviews. In each review, you’ll find that Mindsight has been able to distinguish ourselves by focusing on our expertise and exceptional customer service.


Network Management for Media Company

Managed service agreements perfectly encapsulate the dynamic between a consultant and a client. The client trusts in the managed service provider to literally take over the management of their IT systems, and in the case of this client, Mindsight became responsible for the management of all aspects of the on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure. Interestingly, Mindsight acquired the contract for this particular company, because their previous managed service provider was bought out. Under new management, that managed service provider no longer offered the same quality of service. When Mindsight entered the equation, we made sure to establish expected levels of service and have since exceeded expectations.

“Mindsight wanted to learn about who we were and what we were doing before sitting down and proposing solutions.”


Telecom Installation & Configuration for Chimney Wholesaler

When a company experiences rapid growth, it’s both a blessing and a curse. While the success was welcome, this client was outgrowing their facilities. When moving to a new location, they quickly began to have trouble with their phone system. Mindsight was one of six consulting firms to bid for the relocation, installation, and configuration of a new network environment for the client. In the review, the client notes that as soon as he spoke with our consultants, he knew we were the company best suited for the job. When prompted to respond with the most impressive aspect of Mindsight, the client echoed precisely what we’ve discussed here on this blog — listening and customer service.

“Mindsight did a great job of finding out what our problem actually was, instead of pushing the latest and greatest technology. Compared to the previous 2 providers that we used, Mindsight was very attentive to our needs and problems. They actively had a stake in getting our situation fixed.”


Managed Network Services for Foodstuff Manufacturer

One of the most common reasons clients seek out a managed service provider is because they lack the in-house staff to properly maintain and support their IT infrastructure. This client, a food manufacturer, was no different. However, the client also had a number of projects they knew needed to be done, but there simply weren’t enough hands to pursue the initiative. So, Mindsight’s involvement was two-fold. First we were to complete a number of projects including a server infrastructure update and cloud migration, and second, we were to provide ongoing management and maintenance of the environment.

Once again, when asked what was most impressive about Mindsight, the IT director brought up key elements of quality customer service: professionalism and responsiveness.

“I would say that their professionalism and responsiveness stands out. Mindsight has some talented people on their team and everyone we’ve interacted with has been top notch.”


It’s All about Trust

When a client recognizes your technical expertise and is put at ease by the quality of your customer service, you begin to build trust and a rapport, but it requires both elements. Provide excellent consultations with terrible responsiveness, and you’ll get nowhere. Provide excellent customer service but prove to be incompetent, and you’ll get nowhere. To truly establish trust, you need to deliver in all aspects, and that’s precisely what Mindsight is committed to doing.

Read all of our success stories on and see how Mindsight combines competency and courtesy in all our client relationships.

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