Names Mindsight a Leader in Cloud Computing Consulting

There are few topics both as simple and complex as cloud computing. On the one hand, the concept can be very straightforward—a method and place for storing and processing data off-site. On the other hand, actually defining and adopting your own cloud strategy can be dizzyingly complex.

Many companies, in response to this complexity, reach out to cloud computing consultants throughout the country to help them navigate the pitfalls and challenges of the cloud. Mindsight is one of these consultants and advises companies all throughout Chicago.
In September 2016, the B2B research and review firm,, released their leaders matrix for top cloud computing consulting agencies in the country, and Mindsight made the list as a “Leader.”


The Clutch Cloud Consulting Report

Clutch reached out to the past clients of all cloud computing consultants in the report to gauge the quality of service each consultant provides. From there, analysts at Clutch also assessed each consultant’s market presence and level of experience in cloud computing.

The result is a leader matrix with Mindsight in the coveted top-right quadrant. This matrix shows that, according to our clients, Mindsight has exceptional focus on the cloud along with an exceptional ability to deliver in that area.

Alex Miller, a senior analyst covering cloud computing for Clutch, said:

“Cloud computing is key to the advancement of technological capability and performance and is causing rapid and widespread adoption of cloud services…it is critical to have an experienced team of cloud computing experts to lead an organization’s cloud migration strategy.”


Schedule a IT as a Service Roadmap/Cloud Readiness Report

At Mindsight, the beginning of a cloud consulting relationship takes the form of the IT as a Service Roadmap/Cloud Readiness Report. Through this service, one of our senior consultants will come to your office for a thorough assessment of your environment. We’ll map application interdependencies, note which applications are ready to be migrated to the cloud, and provide a roadmap to prepare any other requested elements of the environment for migration.

We take great care in providing open, transparent communication in all of our consultations. Our team will meet with yours to discuss your goals and devise a strategy that excels within your unique environment.

Contact Mindsight today to schedule your IT as a Service Roadmap/Cloud Readiness Report.


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