Is Cloud Security as a Service Right for You? [Use Cases]


August 28, 2017

Security as a Service offers data security and analytics as a paid service through a cloud-hosted suite of applications. This means that companies can access its features without the need to host hardware on-prem and budget in a predictable recurring cost for the service.

Security as a Service stands in stark contrast to a traditional data security strategy which often involves little more than a firewall and an intrusion protection/detection system, however, under the right circumstances, Mindsight’s Cloud Security as a Service solution will be the most impactful and cost effective option on the market.

Here, we’ve included a few use cases for our cloud Security as a Service solution. Each of these scenarios presents the perfect opportunity for our SaaS application, but this list in not all-inclusive. There are still many more ways and reasons to take advantage of Security as a Service from Mindsight.


Cloud Security as a Service Use Cases


Moving to the Cloud

A business that has recently migrated to a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services, will find tremendous value in this cloud Security as a Service use case. SaaS can provide the network security team a dynamic solution native to AWS, which ensures there will be no compatibility issues between your security and your environment.


Peak-Season Business

Many businesses have a peak season at some point during the year, and they can put a lot of strain on the IT environment. To account for these peaks, companies are turning to the cloud to rapidly scale up their environment and scale it back down after the season ends. This cloud Security as a Service use case aligns well with these cloud deployments, because it too is hosted in the cloud. It can scale up and down right along with your cloud deployment and provide dynamic security without slowing down the environment scaling.


A Small Network Security Team

At the mid-market and SMB level, network security teams rarely even staff a single designated security professional. Instead, these companies rely on network generalists who perform security duties in addition to the rest of their administrative role.

In this kind of department, it can be very difficult to weed through the hundreds of network alerts that could appear throughout the day. Mindsight sifts through these alerts to provide the team with only the “real” issues facing your network. Furthermore, Mindsight’s Security as a Service solution aligns your security needs with an advanced team of designated security professionals with 24/7 monitoring and analysis of security issues.


Protecting Client Data

If your business involves collecting and storing significant client data of any kind, Security as a Service will prove extremely valuable. Clients will demand that their data be properly protected, and in some industries, there are legal requirements that must be followed. Mindsight’s Security as a Service solution follows compliance regulations from PCI, DSS, HIPPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley.


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The cloud represents a huge change in data center design, and our security strategies need to change along with it. To protect the cloud, you must use a security solution designed for the cloud. Download Mindsight’s free guide to learn how legacy security strategies fall short of protecting your data beyond the edge and how a Security as a Service solution helps you protect the benefits that brought you to the cloud in the first place.

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