Top 5 Cisco WebEx Integrations to Boost Productivity


September 25, 2017

Not every application will be perfectly suited to your business right out of the box. Sometimes a third-party integration or bot is necessary to connect all the dots between an application’s features and business needs. Cisco WebEx Teams is no different. Yes, it is a powerful collaboration tool enabling a business to message, meet, and call with greater efficiency and clarity, but there are uses for WebEx Teams which the vanilla application is simply unable to do.

Furthermore, if the goal of Cisco WebEx is to unify communication into a single application, there may be other fringe apps used throughout the company that need to be brought in. Custom developments and integrations are crucial here to fully realize the potential of Cisco WebEx.

Here are our top picks for Cisco WebEx integrations.


Top 5 Cisco WebEx Teams Integrations


  • Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive: Some businesses utilize Drop Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive for Business as their cloud storage solution or as a way to work together on shared documents. If any of these applications are important to your business, this integration will prove essential. Select documents can be linked to a WebEx Space to provide customizable notifications when these files are updated. These notifications then link back to the document allowing the whole team to stay informed of updates and to keep key documents at their fingertips.


  • Salesforce: Closing a new sale takes teamwork. Keep the entire sales team abreast of changes to key accounts in Salesforce with this integration. Like the Dropbox or Google Drive integration, Salesforce can be connected to a specific WebEx Space. There, you can activate notifications to alert you when contacts are updated. The integration will even list the updates directly in the Space, so you don’t need to dive into every account every time.
  • Gideon: A WebEx Space can have up to 5000 users in the same Space. While most teams will not be that large, a company announcement Space or something similar can certainly have enough users to require a moderator. Gideon serves as your WebEx Moderator Assistant. It can delete messages posted by Internal or External users of the company (normally you can only delete your own messages), delete files posted by other users, and manage a white and blacklist. In addition, Gideon can also establish a set of rules for a WebEx Space and require users to agree to the terms before entering the Space. Though probably not necessary for small teams, open or high population spaces may require Gideon’s hand to keep everything organized and on task.


  • Adventure: Play Zork: While the rest of these integrations and bots provide added value to Cisco WebEx, help unify your business processes, and so on, this last integration is just fun. The “Adventure: Play Zork” bot allows you to play some of the old text adventure games from the 1980’s. The game actually takes place within a Spark Space allowing a solo or team adventure with anyone in the Space. Keep your flashlight on and watch out for Grues.


Custom Development Services from Mindsight


Mindsight staffs a software development team to aid our clients in custom development projects. From customized reporting solutions to application integrations like those in this article, custom development services from Mindsight can help align an application to your needs.

Our development methodology stresses a collaborative approach. Our developers take the time to understand your precise requirements before setting to work on any development. From there, multiple mock-ups and strategy meetings lead to the ideal application for your business.

While Mindsight can assist with each WebEx integration here and more, WebEx Teams is just one of the applications Mindsight is experienced with. Due to our close relationships with the technology industry’s biggest developers, our programmers have the unique experience and resources available to complete your custom development project.

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