Cisco WebEx Teams as a Marketing Communication Tool


May 2, 2017

As the role of marketing becomes more digitized, the need for marketing communication tools has become extremely prevalent. Cisco WebEx Teams is a great addition to the marketing tech stack, combining project management, webinars, chat, email, and more into one centralized platform.

Cisco WebEx Teams is a lot of things to a lot of different business units. For some, it may serve as a handy chat tool. For others, it is an essential video conferencing platform that helps facilitate projects and communication. Some companies even leverage it as a cloud-hosted PBX system. As a unified collaboration tool, Cisco WebEx Teams collapses channels of communication to create a single, centralized platform valuable to any business regardless of size or industry.

Marketers can find particular value using Cisco WebEx Teams as a marketing communication tool. When promoting a product or service in a digital space, Cisco WebEx Teams can be an effective marketing communication tool to encourage greater conversation between the customer and the brand.


Cisco WebEx for Marketers

Enable Video Meetings:

Webinars have become a staple in modern digital marketing strategy, and Cisco WebEx Teams can help you broadcast your brand throughout the internet. By opening a WebEx Teams Space, launching a video meeting, and inviting guests, you can quickly and easily host a webinar to support your marketing efforts.


Collaborate with External Teams:

According to Forrester, up to 33% of organizations are developing mobility strategies and policies to support partner and supplier communications. Cisco WebEx Teams fits perfectly into this use case by allowing you to schedule and attend meetings with individuals outside of your organization. 

This proves exceptionally useful when working with partners. In just a few clicks, a partner can be invited to a WebEx Teams meeting, participate in the conversation, and even reference previous project meetings to add context to the discussion.


Collaborate with Internal Teams:

Marketing campaigns often require substantial cooperation and coordination among many different members of the marketing team. Furthermore, the team often produces a wide range of collateral to support the effort. In addition to hosting in-person or remote meetings, the landing pages, emails, postcards, brochures, videos, and blogs made for a campaign can be uploaded into a persistent Spark meeting space. Whenever a team member needs to reference a piece of collateral, a particular data point, or a value statement, that information can be easily accessed in the meeting space.

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Finding the Right Subject Matter Expert:

Marketing professionals rely on the industry subject matter experts (SMEs) in the company to provide a depth of understanding for their campaigns. Cisco WebEx Teams connects you with these SMEs faster than ever before. Chat, call, or launch a video meeting with a SME in your organization with just a few clicks. The entire corporate roster can be uploaded into WebEx Teams to help your marketers get quick answers to tough questions to support the current marketing campaign.


Cisco WebEx Teams for Everyone

While Cisco WebEx Teams is a great marketing communication tool, it truly has a diverse set of uses. Professionals, technicians, field workers, remote agents, traveling salespeople, and more can benefit from the instant connection that WebEx Team can provide. But, connecting is not enough. WebEx Teams allows you to select whichever method of communication—chat, call, video, or meeting—is right for that particular dialogue. Using that wide range of capabilities, a company can work faster, communicate better, and accomplish more with the help of Cisco WebEx Teams.

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