Cisco Responds to Customer Requests With Jabber 10.5


September 22, 2014

Cisco released a new iteration of the Jabber Client, version 10.5.  With it came new features and improvements that have been on the road map for several versions.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new Jabber Client has been reskinned.

There’s a new color scheme and the icons are much more refined. The menu has been removed in favor of one icon on the upper right that gives you access to settings. This moves Jabber closer to a unified visual experience on all devices.

Aside from the visual changes, several exciting features have been introduced to markedly improve the functionality of Jabber Client.

Screen Sharing

It has always been possible to do a screen share in Jabber, with one caveat; you must be on a call to share your screen. With the release for Jabber 10.5 you can now share your screen with up to five users in a group chat without being on a call.

Remote Desktop Control

When screen sharing from an IM, a user can request permission to remotely control the desktop of the user who is sharing the screen. Either user can revoke the remote desktop control at any time. Remote desktop control is not currently supported while on the Expressway for Mobile and Remote Access.

IM Notifications

Jabber 10.5 offers new incoming chat message alerts, new chat alert sound and IM badges in the Windows taskbar. In addition to your Cisco Jabber client icon flashing on your Windows taskbar, users also receive notifications that pop-up on their screens when a new message is received. IM notifications are displayed for chats, group chats, and in persistent chat rooms.

IM Do Not Disturb

Now it’s possible to set a DND option on Jabber Client. This will prevent notifications from popping up, but you will still receive the messages.

Personal Ringtone

You can now set a personal ringtone for the Jabber client. This is configured under the ‘options’ menu, ‘sounds and alerts.’

Hunt Groups

It is now possible to add a Jabber client as a member of a hunt group.

Call Pickup

Jabber clients can now be configured as part of a pickup group.

Video Call Quality

Improvements in video image edge interpolation deliver smoother and sharper video calling for users in call scenarios.  Using the available graphics processing hardware, if it is available on the client machines, reduces the CPU load for Cisco Jabber video calling to ensure faster bandwidth adaptation.

Audio Call Quality

The G.722 wideband audio codec is now the default codec for calls to Cisco IP deskphones and other portfolio endpoints – this delivers a superior call experience to the user.

New Emoticons

New emoticons have been added, and the old emoticons received a graphic update.

Conversation Window Control in Deskphone Control Mode

You can now control whether the conversation window comes into focus for different types of calls when in deskphone control mode.

These are just some of the new features Cisco introduced in Jabber Client 10.5.  Overall, version 10.5 is much improved over its predecessor and adds some of the most widely requested features.

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