Cisco UCCE and Cisco PCCE

Enabling the Contact Center to Succeed on a Massive Scale


As contact/call centers expand, their needs change. The technology has to change along with them. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) is perfect for environments up to 400 agents, but beyond that, a new solution is necessary.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) are those solutions. Designed specifically to work with the largest contact/call centers, UCCE and PCCE allow you to deliver a consistent and coherent customer experience across your entire enterprise.

Mindsight has earned the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Authorized Technology Provider (UCCE ATP). As part of this certification, our engineers have developed an in-depth understanding of this enterprise-class contact/call center platform. We now stand as one of only a handful of consultants in the area who can design and deploy these solutions.


Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Cisco UCCE is the traditional deployment model. It supports multiple Unified Communications Manager clusters to reach up to 12,000 agents per system. Systems can be linked together to create contact centers of enormous sizes.

Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
Cisco PCCE delivers the same functionality and features as UCCE but has a relatively low ceiling. While UCCE can support 12,000 agents, PCCE is targeted at smaller deployments. For companies falling in this range, PCCE provides a perfect way to utilize advanced UCCE features with easier management and at a smaller scale.

Features of Cisco UCCE/PCCE:

Precise and Intelligent Call Routing
Intelligent call routing is the central feature of the Cisco UCCE/PCCE system. It gathers information from the internet, social media, internal notes, and 3rd party CRMs, and uses it to route calls. UCCE/PCCE will select the best agent for the call and make sure it’s sent to their headset.

Accurate Reports, Informed Decisions
Dashboards display contact/call center activity so managers can make informed decisions regarding staffing levels and the contact handling process. Furthermore, through accurate reporting, managers can identify trends and predict periods of high call volume.

Variety of Desktop Options
UCCE/PCCE can be customized and enhanced with multiple desktop interfaces to better supply contact center agents with the resources they need to deliver a unique customer experience.

Integrate Applications
UCCE/PCCE allows agents to integrate both outbound and inbound voice applications with internet applications, such as social media, real-time chat, web collaboration, and email. With all these tools at their disposal, agents can interact with multiple contacts simultaneously.

Remote Agents
For multi-branch deployments or out-of-office employee scenarios, Cisco UCCE/PCCE expands to provide the same functionality for remote agents.

Agent Greeting

Pre-record your agents introducing themselves and use it as a canned opening for every call.

Agent Request

Tear down the silos of communication. Agent Request enables customers to trigger a phone call from an agent based on interactions with your app or website.

Courtesy Callback

To reduce the amount of time callers wait in the queue, UCCE/PCCE can allow users who meet certain criteria to leave some information, and when their spot in the queue is reached, receive an immediate callback from the contact/call center agent.

Unified Communications Manager Extension Mobility

Create user profiles on your agent’s phones, allowing them to log into any Cisco phone connected to the Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) cluster and access their profile preferences.

Whisper Announcement

Prepare your agent for the next call. Whisper Announcements will preface each call with valuable information about the contact spoken right into the headset.

Finesse Agent Desktop

To create a stand-out customer experience, your agents must have the tools to succeed. With UCCE/PCCE, that tool is the thin-client Finesse Agent Desktop.

During a call, Finesse will display helpful information about the contact such as address, prior interactions with the company, and agent notes along with access to any other installed features.

Mindsight Contact/Call Center Certifications

  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Authorized Technology Provider (UCCE ATP)

    Mindsight has earned the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Authorized Technology Provider certification. Without this approval from Cisco, a technology partner is not allowed to sell or deploy either UCCE or PCCE. Mindsight stands as one of only 28 partners in the nation to have earned this capability.

  • Cisco Master Collaboration Specialist

    After extensive classroom instruction and an audit of our abilities, Mindsight received the Cisco Master Collaboration Specialist certification. It distinguishes Mindsight as an expert in Cisco collaboration technologies, such as Jabber, WebEx, Spark, and more.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    Mindsight’s Managed Services team is ready to provide monitoring, alerts, maintenance, or even full administration of your Cisco UCCE/PCCE deployment.

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Cisco UCCE/PCCE Deployment Options

Deploy UCCE or PCCE as on-premise applications in your data center.

Host UCCE or PCCE in a colocation or public, private, or hybrid cloud.

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