Contact/Call Center Platforms from a Leader in the Technology Industry

From networking to collaboration, Cisco offers best of breed solutions for nearly every area of business technology. The contact/call center is no exception. Cisco platforms provide contact/call center representatives with the tools they need to deliver a superior customer experience. From intelligent call routing and omnichannel support, to accurate reports and call recording, it’s never been easier to wow clients and build long lasting customer relationships with Cisco contact/call center solutions.

Furthermore, there are add-on applications and features that can round out the capabilities of your Cisco contact/call center platform. For example, consumers are now using social media to discuss and connect with their favorite brands. The contact/call center needs to adjust its strategy to account for this shift in buyer behavior, but social media is a big, far-reaching place with numerous sites and platforms. This is where Cisco SocialMiner comes in. It offers the contact/call center the ability to organize their social media strategy and manage their online social presence from a single place.

Mindsight has proven expertise with Cisco contact/call center solutions. By earning our status as a Cisco Gold Partner, we’ve demonstrated our thorough understanding of CJP, UCCX, UCCE, and PCCE through testing and classroom instruction. Learn more about each Cisco contact/call center solution below.

A Contact/Call Center Platform for Every Size

  • Cisco Contact Center Express (UCCX)

    Built for contact/call centers up to 400 agents, this platform covers the needs of a large majority of businesses. UCCX delivers the cutting-edge capabilities of an advanced contact/call center operation.

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  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE)

    Cisco designed two different contact/call center solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise market. By linking clusters of contact/call centers, UCCE is structured to accommodate contact/call centers of up to 12,000 agents. Alternatively, PCCE fills the middle range between UCCX and UCCE. PCCE is appropriate for lower level deployments.

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  • Cisco Webex Contact Center

    Cisco’s Webex Contact Center, formerly known as Cisco Customer Journey platform, and as BroadSoft, is a unified omnichannel contact center solution rich in analytics that is easily deployed and managed from the cloud. It is available for contact centers of all sizes. 

    Some of the key features of the platform include 360° customer journey analytics which enable organizations to understand the customer experience through the entire lifecycle, and across all channels. A predictive analytics-based routing feature allows customers to be matched with the best available agents for their particular needs.

    Expert collaboration and communication is offered via on-demand voice and chat with other agents, managers, and subject matter experts. Other features include a Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite, including dynamic scheduling with agent participation, quality management, and “voice of the customer” insights through speech and desktop analytics. Outbound Campaigns with preview and progressive dialing and management are also offered.

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