Which To Choose? Cisco UCCE vs PCCE: A Contact Center Report


February 20, 2020

In the world of Cisco contact center platforms there are now four options: Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE), Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE), and Webex Contact Center – Cisco’s latest cloud-based platform.


When seeking to deploy a new contact center platform, sometimes the choice is easy. UCCX is the obvious choice for contact centers with fewer than 400 agents; however, with larger call centers, the choice between Cisco UCCE vs PCCE isn’t as clear.

PCCE is a more compact version of UCCE, so there is a lot of overlap in their use cases as a result. Choosing between the two is largely based on a few factors


Choosing Between Cisco UCCE vs PCCE


  • Scalability and Size: With UCCE, the contact/call center can expand to multiple sites and nearly limitless proportions so long as the infrastructure can support it. Alternatively, PCCE has a hard cap set at 2,000 agents, and most of our recommendations regarding these two products are going to revolve around that number. How fast do you expect your contact/call center to grow? If it is not on track to exceed 2,000 agents, PCCE is likely to be a more effective option.
  • Unexpected Growth: Things happen. If your contact/call center experiences rapid, unexpected growth and exceeds the 2,000 mark through, for example, an acquisition or merger, it is possible to upgrade a PCCE deployment to a UCCE deployment. The option, however, does not work the other way around. A UCCE deployment cannot be downsized to a PCCE instance. With this in mind, PCCE is a good choice for most companies comfortably below 2,000 agents.
  • Flexibility: Packaged Contact Center Enterprise is a much more rigid deployment than UCCE, and therefore lacks the flexibility to adapt to unique circumstances. For example, if an organization recently acquired a new contact center already running a competing platform, UCCE can still route calls to the agents working off the other platform. This can provide an easy transition process as you run out the life of the other license or acclimate agents to a new desktop.
  • Multi-Tenant Segmentation: If your contact center is a multi-tenant operation (two businesses operating out of the same contact center), only UCCE can segment these two environments and ensure there is no crossover in data, agents, or calls.


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