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November 28, 2018 by Siobhan Climer

If customers are the heart of the business, then contact centers are the arteries. By connecting the business to the customer, contact centers provide a strategic touch point that builds customer satisfaction and positive customer experiences. Contact center supervisors strive to build a strategic people-first process that supports business objectives and customer relationships. That isn’t always easy.

Workforce optimization tools provide the support supervisors need to ensure data-driven decisions. Instead of combing through dusty spreadsheets, contact center supervisors use these powerful tools to assess contact center performance as it relates to agent behavior, customer experience, and business goals.

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Benefits Of Workforce Optimization Tools


Workforce optimization tools work by using machine learning functions to optimize the use of resources. These intelligence-based tools enable contact center leaders to optimize recruitment, scheduling, evaluation, training, strategic planning, surveying, analytics, and other call center data. That’s a lot to do.

In the past, supervisors were forced to create protocols for measuring and analyzing the data manually, and most leaders knew the decisions they made were based on both reality and guesswork – not ideal for a data-driven world. Workforce optimization tools remove the guesswork and enable contact center supervisors to make more informed decisions, decreasing business risk and increasing performance and productivity.


Optimized For The Cloud Or On-Prem


No matter where you are in your cloud migration journey, workforce optimization tools are easily deployed to fit your needs. You can host your workforce management and contact center technologies in public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments or add workforce management software into your existing data center or call center platform. It’s up to you. If you are considering next steps in your contact center roadmap, be sure to check out our latest eBook Customers Drive, You Navigate: Your Contact Center Roadmap to Customer Care Success. You’ll find out how to develop a contact center roadmap, the characteristics and metrics used to analyze contact center performance, and how new technologies are impacting contact center deployments across industry.

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Which Workforce Optimization Tool Is Right For You?


Since workforce optimization tools are so vital to contact center success, almost every contact center platform provider has some solution. Comparing the dozens of different solutions is a challenge in and of itself, which is why Mindsight has spent the last decade narrowing the field to find the best solutions possible. Cisco’s Unified Workforce Optimization tool “empowers supervisors with information in real time and gives them the tools they need to evaluate and continually improve team performance and customer satisfaction.”

workforce optimization toolsCall recording, quality management, and workforce management software applications are included as part of the tool.

Contact center supervisors can expect the following results from Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization applications:

  • Improves agent knowledge through evaluations and feedback
  • Helps ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improves business process and performance
  • Increases revenue and profitability
  • Helps resolve disputes quickly and accurately
  • Provides consistent customer service levels
  • Managed employee adherence to consistency
  • Delivers more efficient staff usage through effective scheduling
  • Empowers agents to self-assess performance

To find out more about the Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization tool, submit the form below or click here for a Mindsight Demo Day:

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Improve Contact Center Performance With Workforce Optimization Tools


If you’ve been relying on manual processes for managing your agent workforce or analyzing chat text keywords, workforce optimization tools will ensure better efficiency and accuracy for the analytics and management of your contact center, enabling leaders to build a more strategic, more customer-focused experience that benefits the business.

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