What is New in Cisco UCCX 10.0?


June 11, 2014

In the age of instant gratification, companies are struggling to keep up with new communication channels, increased customer demand for faster response times, and first contact issue resolution. Most premise-based solutions are trying to adapt and add features to keep up with customer expectations. Cisco’s UCCX 10.0 was released a few months ago and contains some interesting features that address some of these concerns.


Web-Based Agent/Supervisor Desktop (Finesse Desktop)

Finesse is a 100% browser based desktop using Web 2.0 technologies, and it requires no client installation. The Finesse desktop allows the addition of OpenSocial gadgets that allow information to be displayed from multiple sources (including real-time reporting data). The old Cisco Agent Desktop and Cisco Supervisor Desktop continue to be available but they can’t be used concurrently.


MediaSense Network-Based Recording Solution

Cisco’s MediaSense network-based audio and video recording is fully supported with UCCX 10.0. More info available here.


CUIC is Default Reporting Client

The new web-based Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) is the default reporting platform.


Extend and Connect for Remote Agent Support

Extend and Connect allows administrators to configure user to use any PSTN phone as their audio endpoint. Jabber is required for agents to use Extend and Connect and persistent PSTN connections are required. This is a great feature for disaster recovery and business continuity.


No Hardware Installations Supported

UCCX 10.0 only supports installation in virtual environments.


REST API Tool Step

Web-based REST API calls can be performed in scripts and allow developers to pull data from any web source that supports the REST protocol. More info available here.


CLI for Inbound Calls

Caller ID displayed on the agents’ phones can be manipulated in UCCX scripting.


No Direct Path Upgrades from Cisco UCCX 10.0 Windows Versions

There is no direct upgrade path from Windows-based versions of UCCX to UCCX 10.0


Some of these features, if implemented correctly, will make your agents more effective, provide an instant business continuity plan, and open your self-service IVRs to all REST backend services available on the web.

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