The Real Reasons Why Your Contact/Call Center Agents Are Quitting


April 6, 2017

It’s no secret that the contact center has some of the worst employment attrition rates in business. According to Quality Assurance & Training Connection the average attrition rate across all businesses is 15%, but the contact center usually falls in the 30-45% range. That’s a sharp increase that leads to a lot of wasted time recruiting, training, and supporting agents who ultimately don’t last very long.

In terms of excess costs in the contact center, agent attrition is a major culprit.

At our upcoming contact center seminar, we’ll be covering proven strategies to reduce this attrition rate, but before that, let’s look at the problem at its source. Here are some of the most common reasons contact center agents quit their jobs.

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  • Payment: One of the most common reasons that any employee changes jobs is their compensation. From one contact center to another, this payment difference usually isn’t in the tens of thousands, but if one company offers regular spiffs and bonuses for good performance and another does not, it’s a clear choice which will be the better contact center job. 
  • Dead End Jobs: Some contact/call center jobs are indeed the proverbial dead end job, but it is much more common that the agent position simply seems that way from the inside. If there is a career path for your contact/call center agents, make sure to be very clear about this point during the interview, training, and throughout their time in your contact/call center. If the agent feels like they’re moving in the right direction, they’re more inclined to stick around. 
  • Not the Right Fit: Some people just aren’t cut out for the contact/call center field. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a fact of life. The key is to figure out whether or not someone is a good fit before they start. If they do not like people, if they do not like being on the phone, then this is not the job for them. 
  • The Grind: Agents burn out, especially if they are fielding the same type of call over and over again and repeating the same lines over and over again. It can be exhausting for anyone. Contact/call center agents who are stuck doing the same repetitive task will begin to lose motivation and enthusiasm for the position. 
  • Poor Training: One thing leads to another. If the onboarding program is shoddy and agents are poorly trained to field calls, their performance will suffer for it. Poor performance leads to poor job satisfaction, which leads to poor motivation. This further hurts their performance until they eventually quit or are let go. 
  • Poor Environment: In a contact center position, there isn’t a ton of space to move around. The agent must remain at their desk, alert, and ready to field the next call for virtually their entire shift. Make sure their space is comfortable and aesthetic, otherwise it will affect overall happiness and job satisfaction.


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