Product Comparison: PureCloud and UCCX Outbound Dialing Campaigns


December 4, 2016

Contact/call centers are a two way street. For every contact/call center that spends most of their day fielding calls from their customers, there is another contact/call center focused on outgoing campaigns. For that reason, each advanced contact/call center platform, such as Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) and Genesys PureCloud, offers outbound dialing features to better organize and execute your outbound campaigns.

No contact/call center platform is exactly the same so, how do these solutions compare with each other?

Let’s take a look.


Outbound Dialing Campaigns with ININ PureCloud and Cisco UCCX


Cisco Unified Contact Center Express — Outbound

The Cisco UCCX Outbound feature is bundled with the UCCX Premium License package. It uses the following tools and capabilities to enable outbound dialing campaigns from your contact/call center.


  • Outbound Subsystem: The extent of your outbound campaign can be managed from the control center within the outbound subsystem.
  • Analytics: Data is recorded, generated, and available through the “Get Reporting Statistics” step in the application.
  • Dialing Modes: Outbound supplies agents with three dialing modes. Preview dialer will display the next number on the list at the end of the previous call. Progressive dialer will automatically initiate a dial as soon as the agent switches their status to the “Ready” option. Predictive dialer assumes that some calls will be unsuccessful. So, it dials a few numbers at once and routes any successful connections to available agents.


Genesys PureCloud — Outbound Dialer

The Genesys Outbound Dialer feature is available within both PureCloud Engage as well as their on-prem contact/call center platform, Customer Interaction Center. It comes equipped with a number of valuable tools suited to launching and managing successful outbound dialing campaigns.


  • Sales and Collection Regulation Compliance: Outbound Dialer can help your team comply with all U.S. and international regulations on sales and collections. One notable feature is its ability to list contacts as “do not call” if a legal requirement forbids your organization from soliciting that contact.
  • Skill-based Dialing: The outbound campaign will automatically sort and assign outbound numbers to the agents best suited to reaching out to that contact. For example, you can set language skills in agent and contact profiles, and only agents that speak a compatible language with the client will be assigned the account.
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Blending: The same agents who conduct your outgoing calls can also take incoming calls, so if a customer calls back, they can be routed to the agent that previously helped them.
  • Multi-Site Management: Outbound Dialer helps companies manage their outbound campaigns, even if they are conducted across multiple sites.


Two Comprehensive Solutions for Your Outbound Campaigns

Both outbound dialing features from Cisco and Genesys are equipped with the necessary features and capabilities to launch successful outbound campaigns. The choice then between them comes down to which platform itself is better suited for your environment. Whether it is the robust UCCX or the cloud-hosted PureCloud, each platform will equip you for any outbound dialing initiative your company may wish to pursue.

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