The One-Two Punch of Pure Storage: Evergreen Storage and Compression


July 17, 2017

Flash storage is on the rise in the storage industry, and proof of its legitimacy is that every major storage developer now has a flash offering. Flash already has a compelling use case for SaaS companies, and it is only a matter of time before flash storage becomes the go-to storage platform for all businesses in every industry. Before that day comes, IT directors should learn the major players and the distinctions between these brands. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at Pure Storage and discuss two significant advantages of Pure Storage.


The Pure Storage Advantage


  • Data Deduplication and Compression: At this point in the development of flash storage, developers must have some form of data deduplication and compression to be taken seriously. It is one of the core strategies to keeping the price per gigabyte low enough to compete with disk storage. Effectively, this will allow you to store more data in less space thereby extending the value of the array. Pure excels in this area and offers one of the best compression rates on the market. On their website, they boast a 5:1 average data deduction rate and a 10.6:1 total reduction if you factor in thin provisioning.


  • Evergreen Storage: Forklift upgrades are a nightmare for businesses. It takes days or weeks. It requires some amount of downtime. The whole process is disruptive overall, and Pure Storage avoids this 4-5 year refresh cycle entirely. From a total cost of ownership perspective, Pure Storage offers a stand out support and maintenance plan that they call Evergreen Storage. Evergreen Storage consists of the following:

    • 10+ year refresh cycle with opportunities to advance and expand your storage solution along the way.
    • A free flash controller upgrade every three years with a renewed maintenance plan.
    • Maintenance and support rates stay the same through the life of your equipment
    • 30 day return policy
    • Forever Maintenance can replace individual parts that may fail due to flash wear or other unexpected issues.
    • When expanding capacity, you can earn credits by trading in old controllers to put towards new ones.


Importance of the Free Controller Updates

While it may just be another bullet in the list, the controller update should not go unnoticed. Flash storage works quite differently than hard disk drives. In a hard disk drive, the actual physical construction of the device greatly affects its overall performance. In a flash array, everything is electronic and digital.  Therefore, the performance of the device is almost exclusively determined by the quality of the controller. Pure actually builds their arrays using commodity hardware. It is the controller and the software they have developed that makes the hardware into something special. The fact that Pure Storage offers opportunities for free controller upgrades is a fantastic boon.

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