Not Your Average Headset: Advanced Headsets from Plantronics and Cisco


December 8, 2016

Over the years, the contact/call center agents depend less and less on physical hardware to do their jobs. Once upon a time, agents used to take calls on a desk phone, write notes on paper or forms, and submit orders for processing. There was no automation, no advanced calling features, and no efficiency to speak of. Personal computers changed the game forever, and since then, hardware has been integrated with the contact/call center platform itself. Instead of a desk phone, a contact/call center agent today needs only to rely on their computer and a trusty headset.

Cisco has partnered with Santa Cruz-based Plantronics to develop and produce compatible headsets. When shopping for new equipment for the contact/call center, Plantronics offers several key advantages.


The Plantronics Headset Line


Voyager Focus UCContact Center

Contact/call centers don’t always offer the serene work environment that helps an agent remain focused on their conversation. The hum-drum of an office combined with multiple agents engaging in different conversations can pump up the ambient volume of your contact/call centers and distract agents. The Voyager Focus UC provides a remedy for a loud contact/call center. Its noise cancelling technology combined with 98ft Bluetooth range allow an agent the peace and mobility they need to deliver a standout customer experience.

The Voyager Focus UC is also an excellent choice for remote worker environments. The Bluetooth headset can be just as quickly connected to any smartphone and alternating between devices is just a matter of flipping a switch.

Finally, the headset includes a number of core control functions on the headset itself. Press the call button to accept a call, double tap the same call button to redial, toggle volume by rotating a switch, and mute a call with the mute button. Furthermore, the headset has sensors that recognize whether an agent is wearing the headset. When receiving a call, donning the headset immediately answers it, and during that same call, removing the headset will activate mute.


Voyager Legend UCContact Center

The Voyager Legend headset includes many of the same core features as the Voyager Focus without the noise canceling capabilities. It has sensors to indicate whether the agent is or is not wearing the headset. It is wireless and Bluetooth enabled, and it can quickly switch from device to device.

However, the Voyager Legend does distinguish itself. It is a single-ear model as opposed to a double ear, and it also has voice command capabilities. When a call is incoming, the agent will be alerted, and by speaking “answer” can connect the call.


Blackwire 725Contact Center

The Blackwire 725 is Plantronics only double-ear wired headset still available, and it comes at a significantly lower price point than the Voyager models. Despite the wired approach, the Blackwire still has many of the same capabilities that make the Voyager headsets attractive. It includes the same noise canceling technology, smart sensors, and clear call quality.

However, the BlackWire 725 does lack voice command capabilities and Bluetooth connectivity, and the controls on the headset are located along the wire as opposed to mounted on the headset itself.


Not Just an Earpiece

The headset is often overlooked when planning and budgeting for a contact/call center. Contact/call center managers could see these advanced features as luxuries that won’t make a meaningful difference in operations, but this is not necessarily true. Many of these advanced call features will help the agent streamline their conversation, focus on the task at hand, and provide a better overall experience for your customers.

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