New Tech For New Parents


February 3, 2017

Along with the iPad, smartphones, laptops, robotics, AI, virtual reality, and more, the new digital age has also seen a wave of new parenting gadgets hit the market. Whether you’re a techie or not, these new tools can be quite helpful in caring for an infant. Below, we’ve included a few of our favorites.

5 Pieces of Technology for Parents


Pacifier Thermometer

Our first piece of technology seems like an obvious invention in hindsight. Instead of completely undressing, un-diapering the baby, and ultimately upsetting him or her, the pacifier thermometer allows you to take the baby’s temperature without disturbance. This proves to be particularly useful when checking his or her temperature in the middle of the night. This particular pacifier thermometer even remembers the previous last temperature it recorded for reference.

Owlet Smart Sock

The Smart Sock is precisely what it sounds like. The baby dons a sock with internet connectivity, and the sock monitors the child’s heart rate and oxygen levels. From there, a central base station will illuminate different colors and sound an alarm if levels exceed certain parameters. Furthermore, all the data recorded by the Smart Sock can be viewed from your smartphone anywhere.

Baby Shusher

This product is bizarre, but it has 4.5 stars on Amazon. The Baby Shusher calms crying babies by making shushing noises for periods of 15 to 30 minutes. The rhythm of the shushing relaxes the child and eventually puts him or her to sleep. The Baby Shusher has volume settings so as to not disturb others in public places, and it makes for an ideal appliance while traveling.

Snuza Baby Movement Monitor

One of the hazards for a young child is in its crib. If a baby rolls over to sleep on its stomach there is the potential that the child could stop breathing. It’s a horrible thought, and the Snuza Baby Movement monitor can help provide some peace of mind. It clips onto the child’s diaper and can sense the movement caused by the baby’s breathing. If senses no motion for fifteen seconds, the Snuza will sound an alarm.

Baby Connect

Much of today’s tools and technology revolves around collecting and using data. These principles are put to good use with the Baby Connect app. This app provides a convenient way to track information about the baby’s development. Track how often the baby feeds, the growth rate for the child, napping frequency, and medications. If another family member is babysitting on a particular day, Baby Connect allows you to easily share recorded data to ensure the child is properly cared for. Baby Connect helps new parent’s stay organized, and that is crucial when caring for an infant.


Technology and Parenting

Technology cannot, of course, replace good parenting techniques. But, like in every technology discipline, it helps make up for our physical limitations. We cannot be everywhere at once, but we can maintain a video feed of our infant. We cannot remember every detail about the child, but we can track and organize data. It may not necessarily raise better children by itself, but it will make the job of parenting that much easier.

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