WebEx Boards Make Cisco WebEx Teams That Much Better


February 1, 2017

On January 24, the ongoing refinement and realization of the potential of Cisco WebEx Teams took another step forward. In a presentation at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, Cisco revealed the new WebEx Boards. In essence, the WebEx Board comprised three functions in one device. It is a presentation display, an interactive white board, and a video conferencing system. Combined with Cisco WebEx, the WebEx Board serves as a universal presentation tool and facilitates a shared workspace for WebEx meetings. While not essential to utilize the effectiveness of Cisco WebEx Teams, it does round out the product and significantly enhance the already impressive user experience.

Taking a closer look at the WebEx Board, its value becomes clear.


WebEx Boards Inspires


  • The Advanced Interactive White Board:
    Whiteboards are a staple of the modern corporate meeting place, and the WebEx Board digitally facilitates this function. Users can draw on the white board in real time, and the presenters’ drawings are automatically uploaded into the presentation’s WebEx space. Furthermore, remote users can also view the drawings as they happen during the meeting.
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth:
    Instead of connecting to the WebEx Board through a WiFi or Bluetooth network, the device uses “highly advanced ultrasound technology” to detect devices in the room. Any Mac, laptop, or PC is compatible and able to connect to the board with ease.
  • Built-in Microphones:
    Instead of purchasing and installing independent microphones, the WebEx Board has a sophisticated array of mics built into the device. The microphones are installed around the framework of the screen.
  • 4K Camera:
    The camera mounted on the WebEx Board is a 4K ultra-high-definition camera that provides a clear, sharp image for video calls and meetings.
  • Voice Tracking:
    Much like other advanced Cisco collaboration tools, the WebEx Board also features voice-tracking technology. When a member of the meeting is speaking, the WebEx Board will focus in on the speaker. When someone else speaks up, the camera cuts to that speaker.
  • Simple Set-Up:
    The goal of Cisco was to make the WebEx Board as simple as possible. To further that end, the WebEx Board is incredibly easy to set up. By just mounting the board to a wall and plugging it in, the board is ready to host meetings.
  • Any Board and Every Board:
    The WebEx Board is not limited to specific users or a specific company. Anyone with the WebEx app can walk into a room with a WebEx Board, connect, and begin presenting. This becomes particularly valuable for people in B2B organizations that may have client meetings in other offices. If they have a WebEx Board, they are ready to go.


Clarity and Efficiency in Meetings

The goal of any meeting is to achieve clarity and efficiency around the topic, and that’s exactly what the WebEx Board offers. WebEx as a standalone product already supplies a number of crucial tools to facilitate cooperative work, but the WebEx Board makes live meetings that much more effective. Truly with WebEx, you can spend less time in meetings, and more time accomplishing your goals.


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