Mindsight Walk and Olympics: Children’s Cancer Research


July 5, 2016

Throughout the year, Mindsight strives to set aside time and resources to give back to the community and the city that supports us. Whether it’s the Mindsight Hunger Games Charity Drive in November to raise awareness of food-insecurity or planting a tree on Arbor day, we are committed to doing our part to better the world around us. On Saturday, June 25, Mindsight hosted our second annual outreach event, the Mindsight Walk and Olympics, to benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Mindsight employees, along with their friends and families, gathered at Whitlock Park in Downers Grove, and after a ceremonial mile walk around the park, began our Olympic Games. At the event, Mindsight collected donations from the attendees and hosted a raffle featuring prizes from sponsors throughout the community.


The Largest Private Donor for Childhood Cancer Research


Between head-shaving events and donations from private citizens and businesses, like Mindsight, St. Baldrick’s has grown to become the world’s largest private donor for childhood cancer research. Since 2000, St. Baldrick’s has hosted over 10,000 events, shaved more than 400,000 heads, and donated more than $178 million directly to childhood cancer research.

100% of the proceeds generated from the Mindsight Walk & Olympics were given to St. Baldrick’s to help further their mission of ending childhood cancer. In total, Mindsight raised $2,910 in online donations and raffle ticket sales.


The Mindsight Walk and Olympics


Community Sponsors

Mindsight would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our community sponsors for their generous donations. In total, our community sponsors donated $930 in prizes for our Olympic Raffle at the event.


The Olympics

Our Olympic Games were a test of mind and body. Participants were organized into teams of two and together, they competed in fun, light-hearted challenges.


Test of Brawn: Teams competed in a head-to-head relay race in three phases.

Dizzy Bats

The first team member had to run to their designated baseball bat. There, they had to spin in a circle ten times and try to maintain their balance as they rushed on to the next challenge.

Egg Race

Dizzy and disoriented, the participant had to balance a ping pong ball on a spoon and gingerly move to the third phase without dropping it.

Bag Toss

Finally, the team member had to toss two bags into a hole in an angled board thirty feet away as if they were playing “bags” (or corn-hole). Once complete, they had to run back to the start where their partner would start at phase 1. The first team to have both members complete all three phases won the race.


Test of Brains: Teams competed in two separate tests of intellect.

Celebrity Anagrams

The names of popular celebrities were scrambled into anagrams. The team had to decode the puzzle, rearrange the letters, and spell the name correctly to win. The first team to answer them all correctly, won.


Each team was given three riddles to solve. The first team to answer all three correctly, won.


A Fun Saturday for a Good Cause

The Mindsight Walk & Olympics provided our staff, friends, and families with an opportunity to get together, have a few laughs, and support a good cause. We’re proud to have hosted an event that served to bring our company and our community closer together, while also benefiting a noble charity. We’d like to once again thank all our employees for coming out, our sponsors for supporting the Walk & Olympics, and St. Baldrick’s for the heroic work they do.

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