Mindsight Deploys Support Desk for ATI Physical Therapy’s Mobile App


October 26, 2017

Mindsight identified possible exit points in the customer journey map of ATI’s new mobile application. These efforts helped ATI assemble and prepare a contact center team to offer consistent, first-class support.

Working with one of the largest physical therapy companies in the U.S., Mindsight helped ATI Physical Therapy develop and deploy its customer support system for its new app that would support an estimated 35,000 users in its first month of deployment. Mindsight became closely aligned with ATI’s app development process, observing and identifying possible customer exit points from the application. By accurately identifying what design features, content, or functionality would create challenges for the user, Mindsight prepared a new team of ATI customer service agents to respond accordingly.


Value Of Knowledge-Based Articles To ATI Physical Therapy


A central component of Mindsight’s consultancy process was specific knowledge-based articles. These articles facilitated agent training and assisted ATI agents on the phone, in real time, should app users encounter issues. Mindsight also helped the organization, through projection models, forecast support volume based on patient volume and access to the app. This allowed ATI to structure its rollout and accurately estimate the necessary scope of the new contact center team.

“Designing a new application in any industry is only half the battle,” said Ed Kapelinski, president of Mindsight. “The real challenge is finding answers to the questions you never thought to ask. Our job in this project was to ask the right questions, find the answers, and train a team of agents to respond in turn. The end result was a stronger user experience and a smooth application rollout.”


Customer Journey Mapping


In addition, Mindsight developed customer journeys, retention and training strategies, and escalation procedures for the new team so as the app was successfully launched, the contact center was ready with the right level of support.  

The application itself is designed as a companion to the treatment patients receive at one or the more of ATI’s 700 clinics coast to coast. Using the ATI app, patients can access personalized physical therapy exercise regiments along with helpful information and video tutorials on how to perform the exercises for maximum effect. From there, they can track their treatment goals, sync their appointments, and create an exceptional therapy experience.

“Our primary goal for the ATI app was to extend the patient’s experience beyond the four walls of our clinics,” said Julie Devine, director of ATI’s IT PMO department. “Working with Mindsight allowed ATI to not only extend the patient’s experience beyond the clinic, but they helped us to ensure we had no weak links in the customer experience chain from a support standpoint.”

For more information about Mindsight’s consulting services, visit https://gomindsight.com/consulting/.


About ATI Physical Therapy


ATI is a privately held, nationally recognized healthcare company, specializing in outpatient rehabilitation and adjacent healthcare services. With a focus on delivering a remarkable experience to every patient, every day, ATI has more than 700 locations from coast to coast. ATI was named “Best Physical Therapy Practice in the Nation” by ADVANCE magazine, and was one of the first physical therapy companies in the country to achieve URAC Core Accreditation, a mark of distinction that recognizes its commitment to quality healthcare. Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, ATI gives back to communities across the country through the ATI Foundation, a non-profit established by ATI, which has provided more than $4 million in resources and funding to children with physical impairments.  For more information on ATI Physical Therapy, and a complete list of clinic locations, services and the ATI Foundation, please visit ATIpt.com.

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