Enhance the Customer Experience with Meraki Next Gen Retail


June 29, 2017

When we think of the customer experience, a cloud managed networking tool is generally not the first thing that comes to mind. It might even be the last. Yet, using Meraki Next Gen Retail solutions, you can gain significant insight into customer behavior and use that insight to mold your customer experience to meet their needs.


Meraki and the Customer Experience


Meraki improves the customer experience with a series of tools all available within Meraki networking products. One of the core benefits of Meraki is the convenience of centralized management. All of your network equipment can be managed through the cloud, however, what we want to focus on here is those features that can directly benefit the customer. That leaves us with three key features.


Guest WiFi

More businesses today are offering guest WiFi services in their place of business. This is primarily found in hotels, lounges, and coffee shops, but with the prevalence of business-specific apps, even retail stores may find it attractive. Meraki provides one of the easiest ways to enable guest WiFi in your establishment. Furthermore, Meraki can integrate the WiFi with Facebook to allow guests to “check-in” to your establishment to promote your brand and capture additional data on the user.


Analytics Reports

Meraki Retail can capture data used by shoppers to provide greater insight into buyer activity. You can learn what devices are used in your store, what websites those users are visiting while shopping, and even time spent browsing. In large retail environments, Meraki can even track where guests are walking throughout the store.


Shopper Sign-On Integration

By integrating the Cisco Meraki EXCAP API with your customer loyalty programs and CRM, you can uncover a wealth of information and opportunity. You can track and build shopper activity profiles and identify trends in network activity relative to shopping behavior. This activity can then be tied to your CRM to identify high value shoppers with a history of large or regular purchases. In addition, you can also use this integration to plan location-based ads, send updates to smart phones, and activate loyalty rewards.


The Customer Experience Is more than the Contact Center

It is easy to focus your energy on improving the contact center, and just as easy to forget about the other aspects of customer service and the customer experience. In an omnichannel strategy, the business must be able to provide multiple non-siloed avenues of communication, and the retail environment counts as one of those avenues. Using the guest WiFi feature and Shopper Sign-On integrations, you can merge the physical with the digital and break down another barrier in your omnichannel strategy.

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