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September 11, 2017

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, Mindsight hosts the Annual Roadmap 2017 conference. We provide opportunities for registrants to scout out new technologies for the coming year. Mindsight consultants and representatives from around the industry host live seminars on new technologies, new strategies, and new solutions. The free conference is our once-a-year chance to peek over the technology horizon and scope out what is new, what works, and what is coming down the pipe to change everything.


One Conference with Two Tracks


Contact center and customer service professionals

In truth, the conference is actually two conferences in one. For IT professionals and business executives, there are a number of sessions dedicated to a variety of technology topics. However, contact center and customer experience professionals will have a very different experience.
Contact Center Sessions at Annual Roadmap

The contact center side of Annual Roadmap will include sessions on Omnichannel and Journey Mapping along with interactive scenarios and brainstorming that will help you put these concepts into practice. In both instances, Annual Roadmap promises to be an insightful and valuable seminar.


IT Sessions at Annual Roadmap


Each session will last 45 minutes with opportunities for direct Q&A portions. On the IT side of the conference, guests will be able to select up to four sessions throughout the day from the list of sessions below.


The Disaster Recovery Balancing Act

Hosted by our VP of Consulting Services and CTO, Jason Wankovsky, this session will deep dive into the disaster recovery planning process. You’ll learn how to balance risk, cost, and priority for when you establish your RTOs and RPOs. In addition, the session will demystify disaster recovery to explain how accessible it can be to your business and how the details of your DR plan are entirely dependent on unique factors in your business.


Leading Ways to Stop Ransomware

Later in the day, Wankovsky will also be hosting our Security as a Service event, Leading Ways to Stop Ransomware. In this session, Wankovsky will detail how Mindsight Security Services can be used to identify breaches in your environment and guide your response. No IT security system is perfect, and when a breach eventually does occur, you need a solution in place to notice suspicious activity and notify essential personnel. This session will explain how you can protect your environment and your reputation from ransomware and other attacks.


Get Smart with Your WAN

With rising demands for bandwidth and data, the IT environment has two choices. They can either continually purchase more bandwidth in their MPLS or they can get smart with their WAN. Mindsight Solution Architect, Eric White, is hosting a session on how the software defined WAN (SDWAN) can enable your environment to make better use of the standard Internet connection to cut costs and improve performance.


Reaching the Flash Point: Pure Storage and SSDS

This is your Pure Storage catch up session. If you’re already a Pure customer, this session is an excellent opportunity to learn about advances in their solution set over the last year and learn about their plans for 2018. If you’re not yet using flash storage in your environment, you can hear about its advantages straight from the source. A Pure Storage representative will be co-hosting the session with Mindsight Solution Architect, Chris Pereira.


Cisco Unveils the Network. Intuitive

Cisco is characterizing the Network. Intuitive as their biggest networking innovation of the decade. That’s big news, and we’ll have a Cisco representative hosting a live session to explain it to our guests. The Network. Intuitive and the underlying Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is all very new and there is scant information out there at this time. This is your chance to ask direct questions to those who know best.


Up-close and Virtual: Looking at VMware in 2018

We find that many IT environments only upgrade their VMware solutions when they reach end of life. Yet, there are a number of new or refined features available to VMware customers today that deserve to be highlighted. In addition, Solutions Architect, Chris Pereira, will also give a demonstration of VMware Operations Center and show how this monitoring tool can be used to reclaim a significant portion of wasted space in your storage array.

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