Kymera Wand Brings Magic to Your Living Room


March 29, 2017

Author, futurist, and inventor, Arthur C. Clarke, once said that, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” With that in mind, a new novelty product on the market brings this concept to life. Developed by Kymera, a company specializing in fandom and nerdom technology products, offers a real Harry Potter-inspired magic wand. With the flick of the wrist and the correct gesture, the device can be used to control electronics in your home.


The Kymera Magic Wand

Resembling a real wand from the Harry Potter universe, the Kymera is actually more like a universal remote with programmable gestures. After aligning preprogrammed gestures with existing remote controls in your home, the device can serve as a limited substitute for these remotes.


  • Compatible with Most Audio-Visual Equipment: So long as the device can be operated with an infra-red (IR) remote control (as opposed to a radio frequency (RF) remote), the Kymera wand can sync.


  • 13 Buttons: The Kymera is not designed to be a complete replacement for your existing remotes, but it can replace up to thirteen different buttons on an existing remote. Therefore, it is best aligned with your television or stereo controller. Here are just a few ideas for buttons to replace on a television.
    • Power
    • Channel Up
    • Channel Down
    • Input
    • Volume Increase
    • Volume Decrease
    • DVR
    • Guide
    • Navigational Up, Down, Left, and Right
    • Exit (or “Live TV for Tivo setups)


With this arrangement, the Kymera can do virtually everything you need it to do on a television remote. Choosing a specific channel will still be a challenge, but navigating menu screens and manipulating key mechanics will all be doable.


  • Original Remote Required: When syncing gestures with remote commands the physical remote is still used. Without it, the Kymera Wand cannot be programmed.
  • Tactile Feedback: To improve the user experience and provide a cue that a gesture was performed correctly, the wand will pulse in the hand of the user.
  • Aesthetics and Functional Details: The wand itself looks very attractive, has a polished wood aesthetic, and comes with magically-themed instructions. It is covered in a protective lacquer and requires two AAA batteries to use.


A Cool Present for the Witch or Wizard in Your Life

The Kymera Wand provides a fun new way to manipulate the electronic devices in our homes. While certainly not essential or even practical as a control replacement, the Kymera Wand is a great present for a Harry Potter or fantasy genre fan.

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