How Intelligent Call Routing Improves Contact Center Efficiency


October 20, 2016

As contact center infrastructure resellers, Mindsight’s role in the contact/call center space is to connect our clients with the technology solutions they need to implement their strategy. At times, this could mean deploying a new contact/call center platform with the appropriate hardware. Other times, Mindsight may just be supplying an add-on feature or tool to expand the capabilities of your existing contact/call center.

One such example of a powerful feature that you can add onto your environment is intelligent routing. With intelligent routing, you can drastically improve the efficiency of your contact/call center environment. This feature and more is available through all of Cisco’s contact center platform solutions including Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE), and Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE).


The Right Agent at the Right Time


Intelligent call routing streamlines the call process by connecting customers with the best agent to meet their needs. In a normal contact/call center environment, calls may be routed through an interactive voice recording (IVR) to the most appropriate department or sent to an initial operator who will forward the call to the right person. Intelligent call routing makes this process far more efficient.

Intelligent routing uses customer records to glean information about the caller based on previous interactions and sends the call to the agent with the most relevant skills.

Example: Suppose that you run a bi-lingual contact/call center. Each agent in your contact/call center would have a profile that specifies whether they speak Spanish, English, or both. Intelligent call routing can automatically send any calls from Spanish-speaking customers only to those agents who are fluent in the language.


Three More Uses for Intelligent Call Routing


Every company is different, and every company is going to find different value in intelligent call routing. To inspire more strategies to make use of this feature, here are three more use cases.


  • Route Calls Based on Time Zone: If your company includes multiple contact centers in different time zones, it may be advantageous to route these calls based on the time of day. A contact/call center is Florida is likely to open three hours before another branch in Seattle, and the opposite occurs in the evening. If a customer calls the Seattle office before the branch is open, simply route the call to Florida. This allows the company to stretch the hours of operation without staffing agents at odd hours.


  • Route Calls Based on Promotions: Include multiple phone numbers on your promotional material and route each number to a specific team of agents that are trained on the promotion. This will make the process of answering frequently asked questions about the sale, contest, or advertisement much easier to manage.


  • Route Calls Based on Severity of Issue: Include an “Emergency Service” hotline in your advertisements and route all calls to that number to a designated team. By doing this, the contact/call center will understand immediately that if this line gets a ring, there’s an emergency on the other end.


Mindsight Can Help Deliver the Infrastructure You Need


Mindsight’s experienced engineers can equip your IT environment with top-of-the-line IT hardware and applications to meet your goals. If intelligent call routing sounds like something that can benefit your contact/call center, contact Mindsight today to learn more.

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