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December 25, 2018 by Siobhan Climer

HPE Nimble Storage secondary flash arrays are optimized for backup and disaster recovery strategies. As a secondary storage device, these flash arrays do more than just backup data. High-performance flash enables your business to utilize secondary storage and backups for Dev/Test, QA, and analytics. In the words of HPE Nimble Storage, you can “put your backup data to work.”

Since HPE Nimble Storage secondary flash arrays are integrated with Veeam Software, data management and cloud archival strategies are easy to deploy. In a world rife with cyberattacks, data loss, and downtime, this combination is one essential way businesses are solving for backup and disaster recovery strategies.


Simplicity Matters


hpe nimble storage and veeam

Veeam is well-known for its intelligent data management software enabling virtual, physical, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures. Pioneering hyper-availability, Veeam uses a single-management dashboard to make data management simple. The HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam integration (1+1 =3) means you can use your Veeam console to manage the backup and secondary storage arrays you use for your disaster recovery plan. It’s a big improvement over switching between different applications.


How HPE Nimble Storage And Veeam Put Your Backup To Work


hpe nimble storage and veeamHigh-performance flash storage from HPE Nimble Storage does something different with your backup. Instead of storing your backup for recovery only, flash arrays help IT leadership optimize stored data and use it for other purposes, such as analytics or to create digital twins. This is ideal for SMBs who, with limited resources, are expected to leverage all available tools, provide always-on application access, and grow the business. Together, HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam enable increased productivity.

The HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam duo provide a complete backup and disaster recovery solution. In addition, the integrations between HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam have long supported encryption, protection against ransomware, and fast RTOs and RPOs.


Why Flash?


Hard disk drives (HDDs) dominated the backup and disaster recovery market for a long time, due to their capacity and retention capabilities. Flash storage accommodates similar capacity while also achieving improved performance and speed. The flash tier of your backup target improves recovery features when combined with Veeam. Instant VM recovery, fully automated verification process, and the Veeam Virtual Lab are then at your fingertips.

HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays Optimized For Capacity And Performance


Business Transformation And Data Loss Prevention


The Veeam Virtual Lab accessible to HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam users means you can spin up isolated virtual environments within which you can develop and test VM workloads and verify backup files. Inline deduplication improves data efficiencies, leaving you with backup performance and capacity-optimized storage – a pretty unique combination. The snapshot orchestration within HPE Nimble Storage also assists in reducing the impact of backup and replication on the VM environment.


Using HPE Nimble Storage And Veeam In Your Environment


Creating and supporting a backup and disaster recovery strategy in today’s world is essential. Whether your business is attacked by a ransomware virus, an employee gets phished, or you simply face downtime risk in increasingly complex environments, you must have a disaster recovery strategy. While many excellent disaster recovery solutions exist on the market, none have the unique integrations provided by the HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam solution. For SMBs whose employees wear many hats, it is important your backup does the same.

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