How Nimble Makes All Flash Storage More Valuable


May 1, 2016

For many IT environments, data storage is just another part of the data center. So long as the data is housed safely, it doesn’t matter much who the storage array’s manufacturer is. That dynamic is changing.

With the release of hybrid flash, hard disk storage arrays, and the even more transformative all flash storage arrays, the storage industry is in the middle of a transitional period, and during the shift to flash, businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to take advantage of new capabilities and innovations.

For example, Nimble Storage, a manufacturer specializing in hybrid and all flash storage arrays, differentiates themselves through their cloud-enabled advanced analytics and automation tool, InfoSight. InfoSight gathers data from the operations of every deployed Nimble Storage array that connects to the central system. By analyzing these millions of data points, it can then deliver the insight and information administrators need to redefine the storage management process.


Storage Management with the InfoSight Portal



It is worth dwelling on the conveniences InfoSight can leverage by conducting its operations through the cloud. For one, the automation, management, and analysis tools used by administrators are available at any location and from any device. Assuming the user has the proper credentials, they can access the environment and perform tasks without having to manually connect to each and every array in the data center.

Furthermore, updates are no longer a chore to occupy the junior administrators. Because the entire InfoSight portal is hosted in the cloud, updates are instantly available and performed independent of your environment. The InfoSight tools are simply updated and ready to use when you need it.


The InfoSight Dashboard

While the cloud supplies a much appreciated level of convenience, the value of InfoSight truly begins with its dashboard. Organized in a clear display, the InfoSight dashboard presents a snapshot of the health and performance of your storage array complete with graphs and analytics to conceptualize the data. Rather than performing disconnected maintenance and monitoring duties on every array, InfoSight can offer total visibility from any device through the cloud.

The InfoSight Dashboard displays:

  • Assets
  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Volumes
  • Data Protection
  • Support


Customizable Alert Automation

The key to averting storage disasters is speed of action. If problems are left to fester, they can quickly become more complicated to address. InfoSight offers administrators the opportunity to select from a thorough list of scenarios. When InfoSight detects that your Nimble Storage array has met the parameters of the selected scenario, it will automatically open a support case and alert the necessary team members of the situation. The internal IT staff can then spring into action or escalate the situation to seek additional support.


Capacity Planning

Using predictive algorithms and analyzing the capacity levels of your Nimble Storage array over time, InfoSight generates a data growth projection for the future of your array. Administrators receive access to a graph showing the organic data growth of the environment. This enables them the foresight to better manage their storage spend and anticipate capacity issues moving forward.


Performance Analysis

InfoSight models your system and analyzes the performance of every Nimble Storage array in its network. Through this comprehensive collection of use cases, deployments, and system environments, Nimble is able to identify performance bottle necks for your array and offer recommendations as to how to alleviate them.


Nimble Storage, InfoSight, and All Flash Storage Arrays

2016 is going to be the year where all flash storage finally takes hold, and Nimble Storage is ready. Just a few short months ago, Nimble released their new AF-Series all flash arrays. Initial projections estimate the array can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your storage solution by 33–66%, and InfoSight is a big part of that.

By anticipating errors, responding immediately to alerts, and finding ways to dissolve performance bottlenecks, InfoSight can take an already transformative and valuable technology and make it that much more beneficial.

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