Why You Should Be Following Cisco Talos


November 22, 2017

Consistently from our clients and contacts in the industry, people want to read, learn, and hear about data security. In a business climate where companies large and small are vulnerable to hacks, data security has never been more important, and every IT director should take the time to stay informed about vulnerabilities, recent attacks, and their own security posture. It won’t guarantee your environment is protected, but a sober understanding of the danger is crucial to safeguarding your data.

To stay informed on all things , we recommend you follow and regularly check-up on Cisco Talos.

What is Cisco Talos?


Cisco Talos is the world’s largest hub of cyber threat intelligence. It includes a group of highly trained security experts who work in five key areas of data security. Their essential findings are used to inform Cisco security products. For example, Cisco Umbrella is a tool that references a massive database of known malicious URLs. Should an employee try to willingly or unwillingly access those malicious URLs, Umbrella steps forward and prevents access. That database is built, maintained, and researched by the Talos team.

Key Roles of Cisco Talos


  • Detection Research: The Talos team analyzes threats and vulnerabilities to use as detection content for all Cisco security projects. If an attack strikes one Cisco system, Talos will investigate and use their findings to protect all other Cisco clients. 
  • Threat Intelligence: Talos also uses their research to identify threats and threat actors more quickly, so clients can have a faster response to incoming attacks. 
  • Engine Development: Talos is constantly updating and refining the inspection engines found in Cisco security appliances. 
  • Vulnerability Research and Development: Talos looks to find ways to identify existing vulnerabilities in the operating systems used by customers. Through this process, Talos can develop new methods of defending against attacks. 
  • Outreach: The Talos outreach programs seek to research and communicate new trends used by hackers.


Why You Should Follow Cisco Talos


Talos provides the public with expert insight into vulnerabilities and attacks. Users can visit their blog to read about a recent attack and gain a fairly in-depth understanding of what transpired. For example, during the WannaCry attacks this year, Talos published a thorough report on the scope of the attack. It included the nature of the threat, mitigation and prevention, and a malware analysis. Within hours of the attack being launched, Talos provided the public with a clear understanding of what happened and next steps both for those affected and unaffected by the attack.

Furthermore, the Talos blog provides weekly threat roundups where they cover the more prevalent threats facing businesses today. This information is highly technical, so it will likely be inaccessible to non-IT professionals. For those in the know, however, this information is crucial.


Security as a Strategy Not a Product


There’s no single cure-all for data security threats. There’s no single product on the market you can buy to guarantee a protected environment. Instead, data security should be seen as a strategy. You must always be on the lookout for new security solutions, new threats on the internet, and new ways to keep your network safe. Staying informed is an important part of that strategy, and Cisco Talos is an excellent source of information.

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