Choosing The Right Cloud Provider: AWS vs Azure


April 30, 2019 by Siobhan Climer

When it comes to designing a cloud solution for your business, choosing the right cloud provider can be an enormous challenge. While there are at least five primary public cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, and Oracle – AWS and Azure have separated themselves as being the best-performing and most widely integrated providers.

For now.

So, what is it that separates these platforms from the pack?

(Note: For now, let’s assume the business relies on public cloud infrastructure, since it is typically the best solution for most organizations. DIY or private cloud can be expensive, challenging, and frustrating, so relying on experts makes the most sense. Plus, hybrid IT – where the business operates partially on-premise and partially in the cloud – is far more common and manageable today. This enables IT to focus on the data and applications, while the cloud provider concerns itself with the actual cloud.)

Get the deep details on choosing the right cloud provider in our upcoming webinar. Join Cloud Design and Deployment expert Mike Czerniak as he lays out the vital differences between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, the two biggest public cloud providers. Learn how cloud migration experts analyze IT environments, determine cloud migration strategies, and deploy efficient cloud solutions that meet the unique needs of every organization.

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Why The Right Cloud Provider Is Probably AWS or Azure


Over the last two decades, the cloud has earned its place in the halls of essential technology infrastructure. While Google may be cited as one of the earliest to talk about the cloud publicly, AWS has captured the largest market share (33%), far above the second player, Microsoft Azure (13%). Google lags significantly behind (6%), though – as is the case in any technology conversation – that may change.

For now, though, AWS and Azure continue to dominate. Accessibility, cost, approachable security, implementation, performance, and user experience are just some of the reasons why businesses lean towards these solutions when looking for the right cloud provider.


The Differences: AWS vs Azure



right cloud provider


right cloud provider

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Is Multi-Cloud The Future?


Of course, things change. While the discourse has for awhile centered on AWS or Azure, today IT, architects, engineers are exploring AWS AND Azure. In fact, 58% of businesses are using a combination of top public cloud providers – making it more popular than hybrid IT.

The shift changes the focus of the conversation, as businesses now must examine each workload element to see how to best optimize cloud infrastructure. It is no longer a question of finding the right cloud provider for the business. Instead, the question is how to find the right cloud provider for the individual data and applications.

In multi-cloud deployments, there are other challenges: cost management, security, and visibility.


Learn From Our Experts


What is right for your organization? Finding the right cloud provider – or providers – is a complex undertaking. Mindsight’s expert AWS and Azure-certified cloud architects and engineers have designed and implemented hundreds of cloud solutions for organizations across industries and size.

Our proven four-step methodology aligns to the unique needs of each client, ensuring seamless cloud migrations for future-ready organizations. Many of our clients rely on us to take them from end-to-end in their cloud journey, while others trust us to provide a targeted cloud solution. We have tested our cloud methodology again and again, perfecting it over time to provide you the most strategic hybrid IT solution.

Be sure to join us May 14th for a deeper look at the differences between AWS and Azure; on-prem, hybrid, cloud-only, and multi-cloud deployments; and the journey each business takes in finding the right cloud provider.

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