Disaster Recovery In The Cloud: IT Resilience With Zerto


September 19, 2019 by Siobhan Climer

The ideal disaster recovery solution includes an off-site backup of historical and critical data. This fundamental element of IT resilience has in the past been achieved through the use of a second datacenter. While expensive, this ensured data protection – to a point – and is a critical component of the 3-2-1 backup strategy.

Today, disaster recovery solutions are simplifying this process by pairing IT resilience with cloud providers to provide data protection and disaster recovery while also enabling workload migration, accelerating cloud adoption, and decreasing capital expenditures associated with owning and operating a second datacenter.

Disaster Recovery In The Cloud


Choosing the right cloud provider for your organization can be a complex process tied to existing in-house skills, application interoperability, and nuances associated with trust and reputation. Whether you use Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), IT resilience is an attainable goal.

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What Is IT Resilience?


Zerto’s IT resilience platform is built on a belief that continuous data protection is central to disaster recovery, backup, and workload mobility. These elements converge with Zerto’s IT resilience platform, which uses built-in orchestration, automation, and analytics to provide users a simple, agile solution that saves time and resources.


IT Resilience With Microsoft Azure And Zerto


disaster recovery in the cloudMicrosoft Azure is the go-to cloud provider for many users because Microsoft is already so embedded in information technology systems. For teams using Office 365 and Active Directory, or with dedicated in-house knowledge workers who excel with Microsoft systems, Azure may seem an easy, non-disruptive cloud platform to extend backup and disaster recovery programming.

Zerto utilizes Azure’s native APIs to create compute instances during a recovery or move task, which significantly reduces disaster recovery costs. Zerto also couples with Microsoft Azure Data Box Edge, SQL servers, and provides replication to, from, and in between Azure sites.

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IT Resilience With AWS And Zerto


AWS is the market leader for cloud infrastructure services, holding 47.8% of the 2018 IaaS public cloud services market share according to Gartner. AWS has the benefit of being incredibly easy-to-use and highly scalable. Many newer businesses choose AWS because of these benefits. As the leader in IaaS, AWS also provides reliability and security for hybrid and all-in cloud deployments.


Zerto partners with AWS to give technology leaders flexibility in backup and disaster recovery solutions. Zerto’s orchestrated failback enables seamless movement between, to, and from cloud and on-premise environments. Zerto couples with AWS native APIs and AWS Storage Gateways to decrease costs and improve long-term retention capabilities.

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Using The Cloud For Backups


Backup is central to your disaster recovery strategy. Businesses that fail to backup their data are unable to recover from a disaster event. In fact, 60% of businesses who experience data loss shut down within 6 months of the event.

Get the expertise you need to take the next step in your backup journey. Our backup and disaster recovery experts offer one-on-one free whiteboard sessions where we provide consultative conversation on the problems you are facing today. Join us for our next session by registering below.

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