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October 15, 2019 by Siobhan Climer

IDC and Gartner recently recognized a new category of data center architecture, disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI). dHCI combines the simplicity of HCI with the reliability and familiarity of converged infrastructure.

Datrium’s dHCI solution, DVX, was the first to market, and offers a 5-in-1 companion framework that integrates primary storage and compute, encryption, backup, disaster recovery, and mobility.

Come learn about dHCI in person with Datrium and Mindsight on Wednesday, October 30th from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Capital Grille in Lombard, IL.

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Converged Infrastructure Vs HCI


Converged infrastructure (CI) has been the standard for centralized management of IT resources and consolidated systems for some time. Putting storage in a separate tier made moving workloads easy, and SANs offered improved resiliency and redundancy.

The challenge with CI is that separate tiers means increased latency. To get data, you have to move through the server tier, network tier, and then back again.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)dHCImade popular by Nutanix, Cisco, HPE, and Dell – compresses the server and storage components into one tier using nodes. The data is written three times across nodes and, using flash storage, is easily retrieved to increase speeds.

The downside of HCI is that growth is linear. To add compute power or storage, you need to invest equally in both. Need more compute? Have to buy more storage – and vice versa. In addition, since data is copied in triple, it must cross the network three times. This makes it difficult to scale.

While there are use cases for both CI and HCI, the opportunity for an advanced data center architecture that combines the best of both systems to create something new left an opening for the development of disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure, or dHCI.

What Is dHCI?


In short, dHCI combines the simplicity of HCI with the reliability and familiarity of CI. It is the next evolutionary step in data center architecture, and offers users simplicity, resiliency, and scalability – key in today’s fast-evolving technology landscape.

Datrium was the first to market with its dHCI solution, DVX. What makes DVX unique over other dHCI solutions is the 5-in-1 companion framework that integrates primary storage and compute with encryption, backup, disaster recovery, and mobility. Users see significant advantages in monitoring, managing, and securing the data center. 

That’s why we’re partnering with Datrium to help our clients understand if dHCI might offer them an advantage over the competition. 

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Learn More At Our Chicago Tech Event


Since dHCI is still so new, it is worth learning as much as you can to see how – and if – it is the next step for your data center upgrade. If you are considering upgrading any element of the 5-in-1 framework – from disaster recovery to storage – now could be the time to shift to the dHCI architecture.

Datrium and Mindsight are organizing and exclusive lunch event to introduce this architecture to our audience. Join our experts on Wednesday, October 30th at the Capital Grille in Lombard, IL for a presentation that will include:

  • Brief discussion on the evolution of network infrastructure
  • The future we predict for network infrastructure
  • Intro to DHCI
  • Advantages of DHCI over traditional HCI

dHCI Highlights:

  • Flash/NVMe at the host for lowest application latency
  • Simplified infrastructure with autonomous management
  • Constant data efficiency, encryption, and resilient erasure coding
  • Instant recovery and no backup or DR silos with optional backups and archiving to the cloud


Date: Wednesday, October 30th

Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Location: Capital Grille in Lombard, IL

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