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September 4, 2017

Managed services is about aligning our goals as 3rd party consultants with our client’s goals. By doing so, we can ensure a productive, transparent relationship between our two teams. If your success is our success, then you can be certain that the partner has the client’s best intentions at heart. Part of that dynamic is taking a proactive stance.

What can we do today to help prepare our clients for tomorrow?

What does this IT environment need most in the coming year?

In all of our consulting engagements, we ask ourselves these questions.

Recently, our managed services team seized the initiative, acted proactively, and helped position our client for success in 2018.


Getting the Full Picture


In one of our recent check-ins with a managed services client, our technical account managers took a proactive approach to the client’s needs for the upcoming year. We brought with us a full inventory of every license, contract, and piece of equipment in their infrastructure to discuss future plans. The timing of this meeting was important, because the client’s budgeting season is just around the corner.

We wanted our client to have the full picture of what licenses and contracts are expiring and what hardware should be refreshed in the upcoming year. With this information at hand, they’ll be able to appropriately allocate funds and develop an effective technology roadmap.


Contract Management Services


Though in this instance, Mindsight brought this information to our client through a managed services meeting, it can also be accessed as its own independent service.

Mindsight has developed a proprietary integration with our Connectwise Configuration Database that can provide our clients with easy access to important hardware data. Serial numbers, licenses, warranties, contracts, and more are usually held in a disparate array of spreadsheets and documents, but Mindsight can compile all of this information into a single interface. From there, our clients can generate reports on this data and export information at their leisure. Whether a small segment or the entirety of the data, this crucial information is always at your disposal.

Furthermore, the Mindsight team can provide the same sort of service our technical account manager delivered to our client above. We can manage these contracts for you, so when a particular license is on the verge of expiring, you will receive a timely notification. Together we can then determine the best action to take in response.

Contact Mindsight today to discuss contract management services.


Aligning Business Goals with Managed Services


Managed services is half technical. You need to have a team in place to physically manage the environment and hold up your end of the agreement, but the other half is personal. Mindsight takes both of these components seriously. It is our responsibility to understand your business and to understand the professionals that work within it. We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with the information they need, when they need it, and this anecdote is a perfect example of that relationship in action.

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