How to Elevate Your Customer Experience with a Contact Center Roadmap


March 13, 2018

Mindsight’s exposure to hundreds of world class customer service organizations prepares our consultants to deliver keen insights into your contact center. Through this depth of knowledge, Mindsight can help boost both the performance of your technology solutions and address your specific industry challenges. With our help, we can increase your net promoter score (NPS), improve customer satisfaction, drive revenue growth, and strengthen team satisfaction within budgetary means.

With Mindsight’s Contact Center Roadmap, our consultants will leverage hundreds of combined years of experience to deliver real-world solutions to real-world problems. We prefer to talk candidly and work transparently, and by understanding your business goals, we can chart an achievable roadmap to meet them.

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Mindsight Consulting Methodology


Mindsight maintains a dedicated contact center consultancy practice that works directly with contact centers to provide expert insight and timely solutions. Our consultants can help you meet your goals through any of our four service areas: 

  • Business Process Improvements
  • Contact Center Systems and Tools
  • Customer Applications and Integrations
  • Managed Services


Three Stages of Contact Center Consulting


The Contact Center Roadmap consists of three stages: current state analysis, plan development, and engagement deliverables.

Current State Analysis


  • Interviews
  • Call analysis
  • Current customer engagement operations evaluation
  • Data gathering review
  • Gap analysis
  • Customer journey
  • Business process improvements
  • Quality management and survey strategies


Plan Development


Below is an example of an implementation timeline within a Contact Center Roadmap. Critical technologies and process improvements are arranged on the timeline to solidify a concrete plan of attack to improve your contact center operation.

plan development


Engagement Deliverables


  • Executive summary strategy overview
  • Presentation of gathered data and suggested improvements
  • Implementation roadmap


The Business Review

The Contact Center Business Review is a four-hour onsite strategy session with analyses and recommendations as deliverables. Our senior consultants, who specialize in contact center technology, strategy, and solutions, will meet with your management team to gather as much information as possible to inform their analysis.

We’ll Discuss:

  • Current system makeup and software
  • The State of the Contact CenterGaps in the current system
  • Current features in use
  • Current features not in use
  • Integrations with third-party products
  • Current business processes

You’ll Get a Detailed Report Outlining:

  • Executive summary
  • Situational analysis
  • Feature comparison and known issues
  • Technology recommendations
  • Business process and strategy recommendations
  • Quick Wins and Next Steps
  • Implementation timeline and strategy


The Strategic Analysis


The Strategic Analysis takes our consultancy one step further. It combines a 1-2 week onsite evaluation with a customized report and presentation on the findings. Like the Business Review, our consultants will meet with business leaders to determine objectives and goals. From there, we will step into the shoes of the customer, shadow agents, and observe the strengths and weaknesses of the department. Through these procedures, we can gain the most insight and provide the best recommendations.

We’ll Discuss:

Improving the Customer Experience

• Self-service, call backs, and surveys
• KPI analysis
• Customer journey map
• Chat, social, phone, text, and email
• Creating a unified experience on each

Improving Business Processes

• Workforce management
• Onboarding procedures
• Reducing agent attrition rates
• Increasing agent satisfaction
• Gamification strategies
• Remote/work-from-home agent capabilities

You’ll Get a Detailed Report Outlining:

• Everything Covered in a Business Review
• Any relevant customer personas


Customized to Align with Your Objectives

No one understands your business like you do, so Mindsight is happy to focus our Contact Center Roadmap on those areas you feel need the most attention. While we provide a general analysis of your contact/call center operations, we can also cater the Roadmap to assess workforce optimization, processes, call flow, or any specific facet of your contact/call center.

The goal is to drive improvement and refinement in the contact/call center, and that objective plays out differently for every environment we assess.

If you need a more customized solution than what is listed here, please contact us today. We will make sure that you are connected with one of Mindsight’s contact center consultants. Contact Mindsight today at


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