Cisco Meraki Cloud Solutions Are A Great Choice for Enterprise Companies


February 18, 2015

Meraki has taken the K-12 and SMB market by storm since Cisco announced the Meraki acquisition for $1.2 billion in late 2012. Meraki’s cloud managed security, switching, wireless, and MDM products have grown tremendously in features and in scope, while ultimately finding their way into some of the largest distributed office and retail deployments known to date. Due to Meraki’s initial strategy to target lean IT departments, there is still a stigma that Cisco Meraki cloud managed products cannot serve the needs of enterprise companies. However, Meraki is actually well-suited for large businesses, with products that can easily support any enterprise IT environment.


Cisco Meraki Cloud is Suited for Any Sized Business

Although Meraki is not a perfect solution to every technical initiative, it is not the size of the business that measures it’s worthiness of implementation. Meraki is the right fit for businesses of any shape and size that have a cloud first or mobile first strategy. In fact, the centralized cloud management for Meraki products can make it a better fit for large environments than most traditional solutions, which tend to be overly complicated to deploy, manage, and monitor.


Cisco Meraki Cloud Solutions Product Lines Support Enterprise Businesses

All of Meraki’s products have the capacity to support the demanding requirements of an enterprise company, and yet have the unique centralized visibility into granular application, device, and user policy management.

  • The Meraki MX security line strives to be the best next generation UTM firewall in the market with support for up to 10,000 users and 2Gbps throughput
  • The MS switching line consists of 10Gbps aggregation switches for the main distribution frame of a campus environment
  • The MR wireless line has indoor and outdoor AC access points for high density and high performance
  • The Systems Manager suite now has enterprise mobile capabilities to manage hundreds of devices and secure them with heavy duty software like ISE and Samsung KNOX

If that is not enough, a non-Meraki installation typically results in a more complex procurement process. Cisco Meraki cloud solutions only require a single license paired with a single hardware device to get a fully featured, supported, and warrantied solution. As a result, you should absolutely keep your eye on what Meraki has to offer, regardless of your business vertical or size.


In Conclusion

Having visibility into how your applications are performing is absolutely vital when you depend on applications to do good business. Cisco Meraki cloud solutions managed software enables you to have that visibility, while delivering best-in-class products in switching, security, and wireless.

Here at Mindsight, we are asking the right questions to enable us to help companies, like yours, build a cloud computing strategy. If you need help developing a cloud managed strategy for your network, or would like a Solutions Architect to perform an initial consultation, please contact us today.

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