Cisco DNA Center: Your Network Command Center


August 27, 2019 by Siobhan Climer

The idea behind intent-based networking is that it integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver automated actionable intelligence. These advances provide an easy-to-use command center from which network admins can securely configure, automate, and manage the network.

Is It Just Buzzwords?


Network administrators used to spend enormous resources provisioning and configuring network devices; intent-based networking seizes on trends like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent analytics derived from telemetry data to deliver something innovative: the Network. Intuitive.

Is this techno-babble a veil or a disappearing magic trick?

“Assurance. Hands down! The visibility you gain into your network across both wired and wireless is just unparalleled. The time saved on provisioning and maintaining devices is also unmatched in the industry. Say byebye [sic] to custom python solutions for ‘automating’ your network, and say hi to real intent-based networking!”

Kent Heide, Head of Technical Services IT with Tromso Kommune Municipality.


By interconnecting automation and validation, Cisco DNA Center aligns network operation with business intent to simplify network operations and security.

Cisco has an unfortunate habit of burying actual capabilities in jargon. Despite this obfuscation, the functionality of Cisco DNA Center is valid. 

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How Does Cisco DNA Center Work?


Cisco DNA Center Appliance collects data from your network infrastructure, activating features on network devices licensed with Cisco DNA software. This enables granular network views, simple lifecycle management, and multidomain integration. You can choose from three tiers of licensing: Essentials, Advantage, and Premier.

From automated device discovery to zero-touch device deployment, automation is key to the simple deployment and management of Cisco DNA Center. The analytics you receive provide hundreds of actionable insights and context-guided analytics that inform threat detection, response, and secure segmentation.

Here’s a quick (3:31) overview of Cisco DNA Center assurance.



Utilizing Your Network Command Center


cisco dna center

Easy management relies on a dashboard view of the network. The Cisco DNA Center acts as your Command Center, from which you can provision, configure, manage, and monitor network operations.

If you are already a Cisco user, the deployment is even simpler. Cisco Prime and APIC-EM import existing network designs and device images directly to the DNA Center.

Test out Cisco DNA Center for yourself. Our expert network team can walk you through a demo of DNA in our lab.

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What’s Next?


Cisco doesn’t mince words when it comes to the intent behind intent-based networking.

(See what we did there?)

“Cisco set out to build the network of the future – a closed-loop system that’s self-learning, self-correcting, and self-contained – delivering true intent-based networking. Cisco DNA Center is a single touch point on top of the network that abstracts the complexity of the network underneath.”

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