Cisco Buys CliQr for $260 Million to Expand Hybrid Cloud Offerings


March 1, 2016

On March 1, 2016, Cisco announced its intentions to purchase the cloud management software developer, CliQr, for $260 Million. This acquisition comes at the tail end of a long string of acquisitions made by Cisco in the last twelve months and signifies a focused effort by Cisco to develop and flesh out its Cloud services capabilities.


Statements from CliQr and Cisco


“Together [Cisco and CliQr] are truly poised to transform the datacenter. When CliQr becomes part of the Cisco team, we will make an even bigger impact in driving efficiencies, security and management of hybrid cloud IT for our mutual customers.”
—   Gaurav Manglik, Co-Founder & CEO of CliQr


“Customers today have to manage a massive number of complex and different applications across many clouds. . . . With CliQr, Cisco will be able to help our customers realize the promise of the cloud and easily manage the lifecycle of their applications on any hybrid cloud environment.”
—     Rob Salvagno, Vice President of Corporate Development at Cisco Systems


Results of the Acquisition:

CliQr and Cisco had already been working together on building compatibility between their products, so the acquisition is not a complete surprise. Once finalized, it will be added to the Cisco Insieme team, and they will continue to integrate their product throughout Cisco’s data center practice.

The acquisition is set to close in the third quarter of fiscal year 2016.


A Brief Introduction to CliQr

CliQr was founded in 2010 and has only been on the market for a short amount of time, but in those few years, they have made serious waves in the cloud management software space. They offer a single, centralized platform to model, deploy, and manage the entire hybrid cloud environment. From the single or multiple clouds in use, to the applications, to the users themselves, IT administrators can achieve complete control of their hybrid cloud.

Additionally, it provides a few more key benefits:

  • Single-Click Deployment: IT administrators can set their virtual machines (VMs) to launch automatically with a single click to one or more of their preferred public or private cloud environments.
  • Consistent Security Policies: CliQr enables administrators to automatically assign security policies to applications and continue to enforce those applications as it moves to the cloud and back or from cloud to cloud.
  • Cloud Price Performance Report: To reduce costs, CliQr will actually shop around for the absolute best rate for your cloud applications. They gather quotes from some of the top names in Cloud Storage and allow you to pick the best instance. The CliQr website states that this report can reduce cloud costs by as much as 70%.

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