Case Study: Voice and Contact Center Support in Three Phases


January 29, 2016

This case study and the direct quotes included were partially informed and/or provided by an interview with a Mindsight client conducted by an objective 3rd party. The original interview in its entirety is available at


The Problem

In the late summer of 2015, a Chicago-based software firm was poised to launch their new voice and contact center platform in preparation for their busy season lasting from October to Christmas. However, as soon as the system went live, the problems began. The IT consultant this company hired had not deployed or configured the application correctly, and it had disastrous results. The application would crash, without exaggeration, every day and leave 100
active agents completely unable to accept calls from their customers.

With little time to spare and in need of immediate answers, the company contacted Mindsight.


The Solution

Mindsight proceeded to enact a solution in three phases, and set to work immediately to produce the kind of contact center environment our client needed to conduct business.

  • The clients environment needed to be stabilized
  • Functionality needed to be improved
  • Design changes to improve the environment 

Mindsight came out of the gate strong and diverted our own resources and top personnel to address the crisis situation. Before we had a chance to implement the ideal contact center and voice solution, we first needed to stabilize the existing system. The client needed a voice solution now, and that was at the top of the agenda. After two to three days of work, the environment was stabilized, and the daily system crashes had ceased.

From there, it was a matter of improving what the client already had. Certain aspects of their contact center environment, though working, did not have quite the functionality our client expected. With a stable solution in place, our team began to focus on fixing the features of the environment that weren’t designed with best practices in mind.

Finally, Mindsight began the last phase of the project, and it is still ongoing today. While our previous responsibilities had been reactive to the crisis at hand, Mindsight now has the opportunity to work proactively with our client. Our team collaborates with the client to redesign portions of the environment to address long-term priorities and have contact center support.


The Result: Contact Center Support

Clients hire IT consultants, like Mindsight, to provide answers and solutions. Consultants are supposed to be experts in their field, and their success is assumed. Yet, technical expertise is not a black or white quality. There are degrees of skill level, and the quality of the engineering staff is just one characteristic that differentiates Chicago IT consultants from one another.

In this case, our client’s former consultant failed to deliver a working system, and with the busy season looming, they were poised for heavy losses. Mindsight was able to swoop in, solve the issue in a timely manner, and ensure the client had the environment they needed to serve their customers in time.

Our relationship with this client is ongoing, and we look forward to working with them in the future.


“We’re definitely satisfied with them. Outside of the technical acumen that they bring to the table in regard to our Cisco platform, we’ve been extremely impressed with the project management side. They mobilize on both our side and theirs, from a PM perspective. They keep everyone on track and provide constant updates. Mindsight provides us with an issue-tracking system that we use to exchange tasks and feedback.”
—IT Director, Software Firm


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