Case Study: Local Park Service Data Center Migration


This case study and the direct quotes included were partially informed and/or provided by an interview with a Mindsight client conducted by an objective 3rd party. The original interview regarrding this data center migration is available in its entirety at


Turnover, budgetary constraints, and other factors can limit the available personnel in an IT department, but that doesn’t mean work can be left undone. IT directors still need to find a way to protect their data and deliver the technological resources their organization needs.

In those situations, the private and public sector alike turn to IT consultants to supplement areas where the current staff needs support and find solutions that would otherwise be impossible. In 2014, Mindsight came to the aid of a client in this very situation.


The Problem

The IT environment of a local park service was in need of an overhaul. The equipment itself wasn’t necessarily lacking; rather, it was the location of their hardware that became an issue. The servers, storage, and all other data center equipment were still located on-premise (on-prem). Housed within the walls of their main government office, the data of the park service faced an unnecessary risk. The entire park service would be paralyzed should anything happen to the facility.

To make matters worse, the in-house team was between personnel at the time. The current staff was neither capable of migrating the data center themselves nor maintaining the system once it was safely in place. The director decided to reach out to a Chicago IT consultant for help, and put out a call for local IT service providers to bid on the job.


The Solution

One of the compelling aspects of the Mindsight bid was our strategic plan for the future. Recognizing that the IT staff at the park service was lacking essential team members, we knew one of their priorities would be the sustainability of the solution moving forward. To address this issue, Mindsight’s bid included a Managed Service component that would provide just that.

During the data center migration itself, Mindsight had to restore several servers from backup, a process that could take hours upon hours. To our client’s surprise, the Mindsight team was able to tackle these and similar obstacles as they arose and bring the servers back online within a day. Aside from these small complications, the rest of the migration went smoothly.

“A couple of techs there make the company particularly great to work with. I met one of them when we were finishing migrating to the data center and we were between techs. He was brilliant. It took him only moments to resolve complex issues. — Information Technology Director, Park Service (Local Municipality)


The Result: Mindsight Managed Services

In a relatively short time, the servers were moved out of the client’s location and into a protected and secure data center, thereby nullifying the risk of physical damage to their equipment and data. Mindsight completely rebuilt their environment in the new location and reconfigured the equipment to fit the client’s precise specifications.

Flashing forward to today, Mindsight is still involved with the park service and their new environment. Our IT Managed Services team has access to the servers in their colocation (colo) and performs patch updates, security upgrades, and addresses other issues as they arise.  All in all, we manage the “backbone” of the network and ensure that everything runs smoothly for the client.


“Communication is always good with Mindsight, and we rarely have misunderstandings. They go out of their way to get feedback and ensure that they know exactly what needs to be done.” — Information Technology Director, Park Service (Local Municipality)


Read More Mindsight Success Stories on is a review and customer experience resource. They conduct thorough interviews of our clients to assess the value and performance of the Mindsight team. Our ongoing work with this park service is just one example of a Mindsight success story. Check out our full Clutch profile page to read more like it.

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