Avaya and Nortel End Software Support for Many Contact Centers


October 21, 2015

Like the industry at large, Avaya has a reputation for innovating at high speeds. Yet, that speed is a double edged sword. While on the one hand, the consumer market enjoys hardware and software advances, increased functionality and performance, and the convenience of sophisticated contact center solutions. On the other hand, a company can find itself using outdated, obsolete software after the developer ends support and focuses their efforts on a newer product. In just a few years, a company once on the cutting edge can be operating on dead, unsupported technology.

For many companies utilizing Avaya or Nortel’s contact center or core communications platforms, that day is not very far off.


Avaya and Nortel’s Aging Software

In July 2009, Avaya acquired Nortel’s Enterprise Solutions business unit. Suddenly, Avaya had access to deliver multiple platforms for companies of all sizes. Products such as the BCM series and IP Office were focused on the SMB market, while the CS1000 platform and Aura Communications occupied the enterprise market.

Along with those competing core communications platforms, there were also a myriad of call center and contact center platforms including, but not limited to, IP Office Compact Call Center CCC, Avaya Call Center Elite, Nortel Symposium, Nortel CC, Avaya Aura Contact Center, IPOCC, Contact Center Select, and several others.

Six years later, most of these platforms are now approaching the end of their lifespan. Avaya has enacted a Lifecycle Policy that will eliminate these outdated but widely used technologies from the market. The end of sale date as well as the end of support date for many of these products has been announced and most will be completely phased out within the next six to eighteen months.

Check out a complete list of the upcoming Avaya and Nortel lifecycle dates.


Avaya’s Lifecycle Policy

Avaya and the products they acquired from Nortel back in 2009 will all go through this cycle. After a varying amount of time on the market, Avaya will announce two key dates — “end of sale” and “end of support.” Almost like an expiration date on food, these products will no longer be on the market and no longer be valuable to the companies who still own them after the date has passed.

  • End of Sale Date: As you might expect, once the End of Sale date is reached, a consumer is no longer able to purchase the platform from Avaya. This date is announced some months beforehand to allow the market to react and plan accordingly. The interim time between announcement and End of Sale will vary from product to product, but averages around three months.
  • End of Support Date: At the same time the End of Sale date is released, the End of Support date is posted. Generally, this will be between one to three years after the end of sale date. From that date on, Avaya will no longer offer support for that product. That translates into a few key points:
  • No Patches or Software Updates to Address New or Existing Bugs
  • No Replacement Parts
  • No Technical Support or Troubleshooting


Get Your Questions Answered by Mindsight’s Industry Experts


With manufacturer support gone, we’re left with some key questions

  • Does end of support mean I can no longer use the software?
  • Can companies add features to their existing Avaya after the end of support date like social media, call back, mobile, live chat, webchat, or email?
  • Without support, can you add more agents and supervisors to your existing platform?
  • Will you still be able to get the reporting and recording solutions your call center needs?
  • What are your options for Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) integration?


Answers to these questions largely depends on the details of your contact center environment. The best approach to the transition to a new platform will vary from company to company based on your needs, existing infrastructure, and business objectives. Contact Mindsight today.

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