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March 27, 2017

One of the best aspects of a managed services agreement is its versatility. Whether you need someone to monitor your network, maintain your storage array, or keep an eye on your cloud deployment, there is a Mindsight managed services agreement that can help.

However, there is one aspect of the IT environment that is a perfect fit for managed services yet is often overlooked. Arguably, this is the most important piece of your entire technology environment: your data backups. A managed services agreement can be established to manage and support your data backup strategy and ensure that your company has reliable data backups ready when you need them most.

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Data Backups: Layers upon Layers of Complexity

Data backup strategy is not as uniform as one might imagine. 49% of businesses use two or three different backup solutions at the same time, and 27% of companies do not have a clear insight into what is specifically stored on these backups.

If a disaster were to strike these companies, they may find that they don’t know where their data actually is and may be unable to recover the information they need. On top of all of that, trying to keep two or three data backup solutions straight adds an enormous amount of complexity to IT operations and burdens the internal staff with management responsibilities.

Managed services can take over this responsibility and provide maintenance and a reliable answer to the data backup question.

  • Offload Responsibilities: Managed data backup provides the ability to have a reliable and tested backup solution without the need to commit the time of your IT staff to its maintenance. One aspect of data backups that companies fail to consider is the need to regularly test the backup copies to ensure they are accurate and retrievable. This ongoing task can also be offloaded to the managed service provider.
  • Access to Skilled Engineers: A Mindsight managed services agreement aligns our team with yours. Your data backups will be recorded and maintain by dedicated professionals focused on your environment and the data backup application.
  • Remote Access: If your environment has relied on tape-based backups, you understand how difficult it can be to keep your tape library organized not to mention the time it takes to physically transport the tape to another location. This complexity and distance slows down the amount of time it takes to restore data after a crisis. As part of a managed backup agreement, Mindsight can store your data digitally through disk- and cloud-based solutions.


Reduce Costs, Increase Reliability, Save Time

At Mindsight, we approach any managed backup agreement with a focus on your business goals and challenges. We then take those concerns and design the best backup solution to match your needs. The overall effect is that managed backup can reduce operating costs, increase the reliability of your backups, and ultimately save you time. Instead of worrying about the next disaster to strike your environment, take a proactive measure to prepare for the worst.


Download Our White Paper: Moving Away from Tape

Data backup is not what it once was. Tape is going away, disk is the new medium, and the cloud is disrupting everything. Download Mindsight’s free white paper to learn more about the state of the backup industry and how you should respond.

Download Moving Away from Tape: Strategies for Advancing to a More Modern Backup Solution and learn more.

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