10 New Features in CIC 2015 R2


May 13, 2015

Interactive Intelligence announced their new service release (2015 R2) in early March. With the new service release model, Interactive is including new features and bug fixes. With all these new features and product releases, many customers want to know one thing: whether or not they are beneficial to their environments.

CIC 2015 R2

Let’s look at R2 2015 and some of the enhancements included:

(1)   Interaction Connect HTML 5 web based client:

The most significant feature in 2015 R2 is the new web based client (Interaction Connect). The new client is built using HTML 5 and supports newer browsers. The user interface is modern and has more advanced features found in the .Net client (i.e. drag and drop, visual transfers). Also, the communication between the client and the CIC server is achieved using Interaction Center Web Services (ICWS) via the REST API.



(2) Improvements to Email and Response Management

The email and response management now allows for easier editing of emails and “canned” responses. This feature improves the user experience by helping agents create richer email and response entries.

(3) Improvements to Web Chat

The web chat plugin has been improved to perform better on mobile devices, allowing customers to use web chat seamlessly across devices.

(4) Reporting Improvements

Support for Crystal Reports 2013 has been added. This is a shift in the custom reporting approach, since Interactive was trying to phase out Crystal reports for a while. All historical reports will be added to Interaction Reporter. After installing R2, customers will need to re-run Setup Assistant to see the Historical reports in Interaction Reporter.

(5) New View for Login and Logout requests

A new database view has been added that tracks all Login and Logout requests. This feature is extremely important for PCI compliant environments that need to keep historical records of all login activity. It is also a great feature for troubleshooting login issues.

(6) Media Server Deactivation via the web interface

A new feature was added that allow media servers deactivation via the web interface. This is very important for environments that share media servers between multiple CIC servers, since it simplifies the media server deactivation and allocation process. 

(7) Manual Only calling dialer

TCPA outbound dialing regulations have been getting stricter and compliance fines are more common.  Most automated dialer systems have an inherited risk of non-complying with TCPA regulations. The manual dialing only server was created to provide agents with a list of numbers they can dial. By clicking numbers individually, it runs completely separate from an automated dialer system. Dialer reports and supervisor views are included. This feature completely eliminates the risk of TCPA compliance issues.

(8) SIP Station II

ININ SIP stations are small headset/phone devices that operate by plugin. The previous version looked like a hockey puck and didn’t have any physical controls. This new version includes physical controls, a dial pad, and is managed through CIC as a managed device.

(9) Optimizer Long Term forecasting

Interaction Optimizer has a new feature that allows contact centers to run long term forecasts. This feature allows contact centers to better prepare for the future by having detailed weekly long term forecasts. This is different from the current near term forecasts, because it allows customers to see further in the future.

(10) Integrations – Remote Control for Lync

Remote call control allows Lync users to make and receive a call on a CIC station/phone while using the Lync client. Both Lync 2010 and 2013 are fully supported. This feature is very beneficial for customers that have CIC/Lync integration and can allow agents to use the same CIC phone for Lync calls. 


Mindsight is an Genesys | Interactive Intelligence Gold Partner. Contact us today if you would like more information about these new CIC features and ROI based applications. We also offer consultations and Contact Center Roadmaps.

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