PureConnect Powered by Genesys

A Proven, Powerful Contact/Call Center Platform

The traditional, on-prem contact/call center platform available from Genesys is called PureConnect. It provides unified visibility into a multitude of contact channels to give your agents a complete picture of the customer they’re speaking with. Through the robust capabilities of PureConnect, your contact/call center will experience better communication with your clients, a better connection to your customers, and—of course—a better customer experience overall.

As a Genesys Partner, Mindsight has the skill and experience with these contact/call center platforms to deliver a complete solution.

Customer Interaction Center Core Features and Benefits

Multichannel Routing

PureConnect blends all avenues of communication for a true omnichannel solution. Your agents will have access to the client’s voice, webchat, email, SMS, social media, and video history of interactions with your company at their disposal.


Voice Self-Service

Sometimes your customers just don’t want to talk to you–and that’s OK. Cut down on the number of calls your center receives with a voice-driven self-service option.


Real-time and Historical Reporting

PureConnect provides two levels of reporting. To get a snapshot of current stats in the contact/call center, PureConnect can provide reports in real-time. For a wider look at contact/call center trends, PureConnect can analyze your entire call history for a number of data points.


Workforce Optimization

By analyzing your call volume and staffing history, PureConnect assists in planning future schedules. For instance, if the contact/call center receives fewer calls on Sundays, PureConnect is going to recommend staffing fewer agents during that time. Through workforce management, you can ensure that your contact/call center always has the team it needs for the challenges of the day.

Want to Launch Your Contact/Call Center in the Cloud?

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  • Genesys Partner

    Our Genesys Partner status indicates that Mindsight has gained and demonstrated a thorough understanding and proficiency of contact/call center solutions. This includes PureConnect, PureCloud, and PureEngage.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    Layer a managed services agreement on top of your PureConnect deployment and put your environment in the hands of our experienced engineers. Our team can provide 24×7 alerts, maintenance, and more in a customizable contract.

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Deployment Options


Mindsight can help provision and deploy your PureConnect application in your in-house data center.



Deploy your PureConnect application in another data center as a colocated service.



PureConnect can also be deployed in the cloud as a hosted application.