Server Virtualization

A Condensed, More Powerful Data Center


Virtualization is a no-brainer for the modern data center. Instead of hosting each application on its own designated server, virtualization transforms applications into digital software. One physical server can now host dozens of applications as virtual machines with no decrease in performance or availability. Condense your data center, power less hardware, and save as much as 50% on recurring technology expenses.

Virtualization and the 21st Century Data Center

Reduced Hardware and Operating Costs
With less equipment to purchase and maintain, hardware and operating costs could be reduced by as much as 50%, and energy costs by 80%*.

Greater Flexibility
Virtualized data centers gain the ability to move workloads dynamically within a resource pool for greater flexibility.

Scale existing apps or deploy new ones by spinning up more virtual machines.

Reduced Provisioning Time
Provision new servers up to 70% faster** through virtualization. There’s no new hardware to buy. There’s no installation required. Everything is done digitally from the hypervisor manager.

Use Servers to their Full Ability
The physical servers that remain in the data center will make full use of their compute power. Run a collection of virtual machines on one server instead of a single application.

Disaster Recovery
Additional disaster recovery options become available through virtualization.

* Cost and energy savings gathered from VMware website.
** Server speed improvements gathered from VMware website.

Mindsight Data Center Certifications

  • Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization

    Mindsight stands as a Cisco Gold Partner. One of the requirements to earn this distinction is the Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization. By achieving this specialization, Mindsight has demonstrated our expertise with all manner of Cisco data center solutions.

  • Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider

    As a Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider, Mindsight possesses a thorough understanding of all Microsoft technologies. This includes Hyper-V, the Microsoft hypervisor solution.

  • VMware Premium Solutions Provider

    The hypervisor is essential to your server virtualization initiative, and Mindsight’s VMware certification assures that our team are experts in the details and compatibilities of the VMware hypervisor, vSphere.

Data Center Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    Offload the monitoring, maintenance, or administration of your hypervisor to the team at Mindsight. Through flexible contracts, we can free up your in-house team to focus on higher-level responsibilities.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Contact Mindsight for our Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap. One of our senior consultants will come to your office and conduct a thorough analysis of an aspect of your data center. Whether storage, virtualization, servers, or another component, our consultant will provide a detailed report and our best recommendation on how to improve.

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  • Design and Deployment

    Mindsight can help you provision, design, and enact your virtualization project. Together, we’ll condense your data center and spin up your virtual machines.

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Deployment Models

Mindsight can virtualize your bare metal servers in your existing data center, and condense these resources into a handful of servers running your applications on virtual machines.

Get rid of your existing bare metal server and host your new virtual machines in a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Ready to Virtualize Your Data Center?

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