Wireless Network Management

Streamline Your Network Management with Cisco Prime Infrastructure


Depending on your business, employees and customers alike demand access to your network anytime and anywhere, which can be challenging for IT. When scaling, securing, and managing the network to meet demands, the system can become very complex, very quickly. The more you try to expand, the more error-prone and inefficient network management can be. To reduce the stress of wireless network management, Cisco created the Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

Cisco created a unique platform to offer converged wired, wireless, and security policy management in a single solution. Cisco Prime Infrastructure gives IT the ability to efficiently implement and maintain secure wireless LANs, monitor wired and wireless LANs, and view users and endpoints across the entire network landscape. All of this and more is possible on a centralized dashboard.

Manage Your Network All in One Place

Centralized Management Dashboard

Reduce the number of tools needed to manage the network and bring automation and best practices to your network. Cisco Prime Infrastructure offers an intuitive user experience to eliminate complexity, improve IT productivity, and minimize staffing requirements.

Enhanced Service Levels

Receive end-to-end visibility and service-aware networking and assurance to simplify troubleshooting and make the delivery of services more predictable.

Lower Capital Expenditures

Make the most of network investments through converged management and cross-integration with existing operations, systems, and processes.

Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Cisco Prime Infrastructure supports 802.11ac, radio frequency prediction tools, and other wireless devices and programs. Solve the challenges of BYOD and the mobile workforce faster, and with fewer resources.

Streamline Branch Expansions

Included with Cisco Prime Infrastructure are workflows for Intelligent WAN (IWAN) that will help you set up devices and automatically monitor and manage them.

Scale to Meet your Company’s Demands

Have up to 10 instances of Cisco Prime Infrastructure at once; scale up by office, region, or country, while still maintaining visibility into your network.

Extend Cisco Prime to the Rest of Your Data Center

Gain visibility into your other Cisco data center products (UCS and Nexus) and manage them effectively with Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

We Know Networking

  • Cisco Gold Partner

    Mindsight’s Cisco Gold Partner certification, which includes our Advanced Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization and our network engineering experts, ensure that we figure out exactly what you need to meet your business goals.

Networking Services

  • Technical Support

    Whether you need a few extra hours to help you with your load balancing needs or need to call on us at a moment’s notice, we have the technical support (T-Support) plan to suit your needs.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    They say you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We offer data center assessments, which include analyzing your network to ensure you are getting the highest performance possible.

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  • Managed Services

    From monitoring to managing and move/add/changes, we act as part of your IT team by providing expertise and giving you the freedom to focus on other high priority tasks.

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