Nimble Storage SmartStack

Deploy and Scale Applications Faster at a Lower Total Cost of Ownership


There is a trend in the market that demands an easier, turnkey solution for the data center. Cisco and Nimble Storage have an answer, and it’s called the SmartStack. The SmartStack is a converged infrastructure solution, and includes everything a data center needs to operate in a single reference architecture. It’s built using Nimble storage arrays on Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS), and is compatible with both Microsoft and VMware hypervisors.

With the SmartStack, companies can take advantage of best-in-class performance, reduced downtime, and a smaller physical footprint. Quickly deploy applications while receiving the performance and capacity required for 21st century workloads. Mindsight has the equipment expertise and the longstanding relationships with both Cisco and Nimble Storage. Through this, Mindsight can ensure the proper deployment and aid in the ongoing support of your solution.

The SmartStack: A Validated Solution to Legacy Infrastructure Problems

Cisco Validated Design (CVD)
The SmartStack bears Cisco’s stamp of approval as a “validated design.” This means that Cisco engineers have thoroughly tested and analyzed the solution to create best practices for its use. Plus, Cisco released a design guide, which outlines all the hardware in the SmartStack and how best to use it.

Best of Breed Equipment
The SmartStack is built using the finest compute, switching, and storage hardware available from Cisco and Nimble Storage.

Ease of Deployment
Reduce deployment, integration, and calibration time with converged infrastructure. The SmartStack is a true “Data Center in a Box” solution, and ready to start a new data center, or expand upon an existing one.

Compute, storage performance, and storage capacity can be purchased and deployed independently to quickly scale resources as necessary.

Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL)
CASL is made to deliver the best that flash, disk, and multi-core processors can offer on a single platform. CASL allows users to store 30-75% more data in the same space without impacting performance.

Infosight and the Predictive Flash Platform
Nimble Storage is the market’s only Predictive Flash platform, because it’s equipped with Infosight predictive analytics. Infosight is a big data engine that gathers information from all connected Nimble storage arrays in operation. Using this information, Infosight can predict issues before they happen, calculate when to purchase capacity expansions, and more.

Mindsight Data Center Certifications

  • Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization

    Mindsight earned this certification as one of several that qualifies us as a Cisco Gold Partner. The Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization demonstrates our level of proficiency and experience with Cisco data center technology. This includes the Unified Computing System (UCS) servers found within the SmartStack.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    Bring Mindsight on board to help manage your SmartStack through our flexible managed services agreements. Our engineering team can provide alerting, monitoring, or whatever you require to ensure your SmartStack runs at peak performance.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Our consultants are ready to help with your data center. Mindsight’s Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap focus on a particular technology or application in your environment and find ways to maximize its performance.

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  • Path to the Cloud Analysis

    Are you ready for the cloud? Schedule an Path to the Cloud Analysis with Mindsight for a detailed consultation on how you can take advantage of the cloud. One of our senior consultants will analyze your environment, find which applications are ready to be migrated, and chart a clear path to prepare the rest of your environment for the cloud.

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Deployment Models

Mindsight is ready to help you deploy the SmartStack in your own on-premise environment.

Create your own private or hybrid cloud with the Cisco and Nimble SmartStack.

Deploy your SmartStack in a colocated, off-site data center. Contact Mindsight to see what your options are.

Ready for the SmartStack?

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